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“Your Daily Walk”

I’ve been more diligent about documenting the health side of my journey and this is the link to that, if you want more information.

However, I do want to share my experiences this week with a new app that I purchased last week.  I have owned and used Leslie Sansone’s walking DVD’s for several years, albeit sporadically.  The problem with DVD’s is that they get tedious after several uses and you are not so inspired.  So I am grateful to my friend Jean, who posted her completion of a Five mile walk on Facebook.  Investigating further led me to purchase the app for about $70 CDN.  A birthday present for myself.  My next gift will be some Thera bands to add to the workout as needed.

HEALTHIER  The Your Daily Walk app has had me walking every day this week, both indoors and out for a varied workout that walking the dogs does not give.  That’s a bonus.

WEALTHIER: The cost of the app is not expensive (for a year’s subscription) and after a week, I’ve brought the cost down to $10/walk.  I like keeping track of things that way!  You can pay monthly, but I think you still need to commit to a year!  

WISER: Variety is the spice of life, some people say, and this is true of exercise as well.  Being able to have different walking activities every day this last week has been motivating.  Adding variety or observing change helps us explore ourselves and our world.  The changes in my fitness routine have done both.

I’ll just share the link to Leslie Sansones’ Walk at Home site and you can explore that yourselves.  

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Thanks for journeying with me as I strive to meet my goals!




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It’s been hard to get my 10000 steps in on a regular basis.  Beijing was always easier because I didn’t have access to a vehicle.  So I have added dog walking to the routine.  At least twice a day.  I slso began doing Leslie Sansone dvds with my grandkids.  It is so much fun!

Today I also took the time to weigh myself.  I don’t do that often but I was pleasantly surprised.  247.5, and I’ve decided to re-start my Ipound a week.  But the most important goal at this point is to get close to my step goal. 

 This was taken this morning – we had a bit of a frost.

Enjoy the day.  Thanks for helping me stay focused.

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