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It’s COLD, COLD, COLD outside!

If  per chance you’ve been following Calgary’s weather (which is always interesting) you’ll know that most of January has been quite warm – I even rode my bike a few days this month!  However,


Chance of flurries
High: -28°
P.O.P. 30%It’s Cold and so I thought it would be helpful to remind you of some ways to keep warm – via the Calgary Philharmonic chorus.  I’ve posted about this before, but it bears repeating, now that we really need the information again!  If you need further explanation of some of their ideas, check here.

It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I’d better catch you up on what’s going on in my very cold world.

I’ve braved the cold and made it to the gym both days.  And to work.  It just takes so very long to get all those layers on!  But I am so grateful for my ski-pants!  They make walking tolerable!

On the weight side of things, I did half a pound, so not quite what I wanted, but we’ll get there!  I did manage to record all my eating for yesterday, which is a major accomplishment for me.  I find it so very hard to keep track.  That’s where the PLAN comes in so handy.

Here’s today’s plan, based my shift (11 am – 7:30 pm) which embraces both lunch and supper.

8:30 am:  breakfast (which is ready now)

10:30 : am:  a spelt blueberry muffin, made by me.

1 pm: First break – slice of bread with bison

3:00 pm.  Lunch break – vegetable beef stew (lots of veggies) and a lovely slice of my spelt bread.

5:30 pm: Salad with half a can of salmon and roasted veggies for flavour.

8 pm (or whenever I get home)  almonds, 1 cup mixed veggies (mostly beans)

Of course all these times are approximate.  Life isn’t just like clockwork.  But the plan helps me to get it together.

Now it’s time for breakfast, so I hope that wherever  you are, you are warm and toasty.  Have a wonderful day!



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Tips for Keeping Warm – explained!

First the musical version of  Tips for Keeping warm!  This has been keeping me amused for the past few days, even though the weather here in Calgary hasn’t really been that cold lately.  We sure did have a few cold days in November though!  Take a few minutes and have a listen!

Now that you’ve listened to it, here are some definitions that I had to go look up!

“Rocking a Scarf” is all about wearing one – in this case the chair is “rocking” because I haven’t finished it yet – new deadline is the cruise in 2013!  There are even You-tube videos on how to rock a scarf if you’re interested!

“Raw Bar” – being out of the loop, I had to google this one as well:  It’s a restaurant in downtown Calgary.  Never been there, so I can’t say what it’s like. “Hi-fi” clubbing also happens at a bar/danceclub/art gallery.  Can’t say I’ll use this tip, but at least now I know what it is!

Nose hats don’t get you much on Google, or Ravelry (My go-to place for all things yarn!) but here’s a link for knitted nose warmers!    And here’s another one!

All these links, but now I know what these things mean.  And given that it can get very, very, very, cold in Calgary, it pays to be informed!

Thank you Calgary Philharmonic for making me smile and teaching me something new!

I’ve got to get back to work – and to the gym, but this was a fun post to write!

For those of you who are following the quest for the silver star, here’s the next episode:   “Fee Foe the Gentle Giant”
[Originally broadcast 09 December 1937 — 2.91mb, 12:41]
Fee Foe the Gentle Giant shows Judy and Jimmy the Goody-Goody Grove and invites them for lunch. They start to follow Crazy Quilt when it suddenly gets very, very dark!

I wonder how many nose-warmers I can make during one episode.

Have a great Saturday!


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