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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

HooHaa 52 - Resolution (Week 24)

HooHaa 52 – Resolution (Week 24) (Photo credit: Grizdave)

This morning I was at the gym – I have been to the gym every day this year – and channel surfing since none of my preferred shows were on.   I’m not sure what was going on in the show, but I saw that on the subtitles – and I thought – Thanks God, for that bit of inspiration!  I didn’t stay watching the show, but I’m still thinking about it.

At TOPS last night I recorded a gain of half a pound over the Christmas weeks.  I start the year with my second number still a 2 (thankfully) and a very small gain.  I knew I shouldn’t have eaten so much chocolate!  Oh well, I enjoyed everything – and in relative moderation.  I should let you know that the others who weighed in LOST over New Years, which is highly commendable.

We talked about resolutions – and some of us had made them.  Mine is to move a minimum of 5 minutes every single day this year.  So far, I’ve met that challenge.  I’ve also challenged myself to eat something green every day – and I’ve managed that as well.  Mrs. P has begun writing her bites.

One of our group doesn’t make resolutions, so she won’t break them.  This makes sense to me as well.  In 2010 I printed “One Problem, One Correction” and it is still hanging on my bulletin board as a reminder that I cannot solve all my problems at the same time.

Resolutions or Changes? Either way, something has to become different if we are going to become the people we want to be – and in TOPS we do at some level want to be at a healthier weight.  We want to eat wisely most of the time.  We do not want to be ruled by our emotions.

I struggle with “writing the bites” and have for years.  I’ve tried My Fitness Pal, Spark People, Lose It….and all kinds of papers and journals.  I’ve lasted maybe two days.  I’ve got something new, and I’ll take a picture of it later, but here’s what I did:

  1. Obtain 31 index cards, I think mine are 4 x 6, but I’m on a roll here, so I won’t go get it.
  2. Punch holes in the top corners.
  3. Insert those round rings (I guess I’ll have to get a picture of that) – and voila!
  4. On the first 7 pages write the date – don’t get too far ahead of yourself.  I also write my schedule, grocery list….

I don’t know why, but somehow this has been working for me when others have failed.  Having the rings at the top and not the sides makes it easier for me to write things down.

It’s big enough to find in my bag, but small enough not to be cumbersome.  I don’t have to hold the pages open while I write….

Something changed, and what’s important for me as I go through this next year of change, is that I keep looking until I find what works!

Have a good day!


PS:  Here’s another blog I found particularly inspirational this morning – because she just doesn’t give up!  http://sunnyjane.wordpress.com/2013/01/03/pizza-wine/  I really like her picture!  You go girl!


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Monday, Monday!

Somehow on a Monday morning, that old Beatles song sings in my head.  And I have great Mondays as a rule.

Today I was awakened at around 5 am. by a phone call!  Scared the bejeezers out of me – doesn’t your heart leap into your throat, thinking of all the possibilities (and all negative of course) that could give rise to that particular call?
It was my mom, calling to tell me that they were safely at the airport and ready to board whenever the call came.  For some strange reason, by the time I got off the phone I felt like I was going to be having a migraine for the day.  And I couldn’t find the pills that are usually in my top drawer.  Fortunately I did remember the stash in my back-pack and went to bed!

But sleep was elusive and I ended up doing some Kakuro (Cross-sum) puzzles instead.  Then I knit a row on my Kuusk cowl.  Finally I got up and went to the gym.  Just a short work-out because I’m meeting Em at the YMCA for our first mother-daughter workout!

Anyways, the reason I started posting this at all is because my friend Diane posted a link to a recipe for kale soup:

Just One Cookbook

While I’m at it, I might as well post the link for the work-out shirt my daughter made for this afternoon’s activities:  From “Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth”  here’s a new tee-shirt idea !

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What to do with all Those Kale Ribs?

It was a bit time consuming to cut them all out, but I did it.  Being my mother’s daughter, though, I do hate to waste them.  Any ideas?  Otherwise I’ll chop them up and compost them!  I have enough soup stock already!  Next time, I think I’ll time my kale purchase with the need to make soup stock.

I did my research this morning at various websites, including Canadian Living, All Recipes, Kath Eats and finally Straight .  There are more and you could spend a day checking them all out, but here it is in a nutshell – or rather a bowl full:

I made three batches of chips, each with their own flavouring:

  • Salish Smoked salt from Just a Pinch which I buy at the Co-op deli.  (Love this salt a lot!)
  • Club House Salmon spice mix
  • home-made Italian seasoning

I’ve listed them in the order that I like them.  But the beauty of this is that you can make them what ever flavour you like or have available!

So here’s the simple formula for making kale chips:

1 bunch of kale.  Cut out the center rib and then cut the leafy part into 6 to 8 pieces (they will shrink!)

2 tsp.  oil.  You can use olive or canola.  Maybe sesame.  I found 2 tsp. to be enough.

Flavouring:  Whatever flavouring you choose, don’t go overboard. I know that there’s a lot of kale in that bowl – but there isn’t a lot of chip left in the pan when you’re done!

Toss the kale with the oil and flavouring.  Place in two 9 x 13 pans. I found that this made for more even baking.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 12 – 15 minutes, flipping the chips in the middle.

BUT… don’t go crazy eating these things.  I put this recipe in “MyFitnessPal” and if you eat the whole batch – 305 calories!  I’ll divide them into thirds in a bit and have a veggie snack ready to go!

Enjoy experimenting with these!  You can have something different every time!


PS:  On the green side of things, I got the kale on sale for 99 cents a bunch!  I think I will try to grow some this year!


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What’s the Point?


Tulips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you can tell, I’m feeling a tad discouraged and frustrated with my life right now.  I like to set goals and I’m really good at setting SMART goals.  The problem is…doing the required bits in between that will help me attain those goals – and doing them consistently.

I started another blog to chronicle my weightloss – and sad to say, there hasn’t been any this year.  While I was really diligent about showing up at the gym in 2011, that hasn’t been true this year.

Financially I’m being kind of “off the wall” as well.  Too many visits to Value Village I think – but hey…isn’t that what grandmas do?

No it isn’t.  Oma’s and grandmas should not be spending wildly on their grandchildren – even at a discount!  It really is time for me to give my head a shake – dislodging all the sand and seeing clearly.

Sometimes I do this Three Minute Retreat.  Even though it comes to my Facebook profile and my in-box, I don’t always make the time.  This morning, with my bird on my shoulder and coffee in hand, I took the time and was reminded again…

I believe that I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

  Psalm 27:10

Today the sun was shining as I walked to the gym.  My friends were there to greet me.  With coffee and breakfast I found money in my bank account that I can use to fund the daily details of my life – including becoming Oma! 

Today I am reminded that I will see the goodness of the Lord this day – and that I have already seen it.  I will remember that I will also see the goodness of the Lord tomorrow as I continue to move towards my goals in all areas of my life.

And that’s the point.  My goals are reminders of the Good that my God wants to see in my life.

Have a good day.  Enjoy the flowers and the birds and the changes that are coming into our lives!



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A Matter of Perspective…

At the beginning of February, when I began this horrendous climb in weight, I was devastated by the numbers.  And yes, despite everything I say, it is still a bit of a numbers game.  I started on track in January, moving from 227 pounds to 223.  One week, one pound.  And then February happened and I lost something. At week six of this year, I weighed 228 pounds.  I was not happy, but the story wasn’t over!  I climbed from 223 to 232 (according to my TOPS scale on Thursday night).  I blogged about that at One Year, One Week, One Pound.  while I wasn’t happy about any of the weight gain, it still happened.  And it was the evenings that were killing me.

So I changed.  If I am consistently making lousy choices at night, and great choices in the morning ( and who will argue that my porridge isn’t a great decision?) why not switch it up?  So that’s what I’ve been doing since Thursday March 1, 2012.

Today, I went to the gym, determined to get back to my Monday weigh ins.  Because I’d been weighing in every morning ( not a great habit, I know) I knew I would have a bit of a loss.  This morning we are back where we were at week 6.

And guess what?  I’m just as happy to see 228 today as I was unhappy to see it in February.  You just have to keep plugging along.

February was a hard month to walk through.  In terms of weight loss it was a desert.  I wasn’t plodding forward, I was racing back.  It’s not the first time I’ve done that, and I don’t think it will be the last.  But I did learn from it.  And here’s what I think I learnt:

  • You just keep “staying the course” – doing what you know is right, like going to the gym, improving your eating habits, and tweeking as needed
  • The world will still turn if I eat breakfast at 8 pm.
  • Life is just as workable if I eat supper at 8 am.
  • When you hit the skids in this journey – re-evaluate.  Add what needs adding.  Take away what needs taking away.  Switch what needs switching.

Thanks for popping in and checking on my progress.  I do appreciate it very much!


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It’s COLD, COLD, COLD outside!

If  per chance you’ve been following Calgary’s weather (which is always interesting) you’ll know that most of January has been quite warm – I even rode my bike a few days this month!  However,


Chance of flurries
High: -28°
P.O.P. 30%It’s Cold and so I thought it would be helpful to remind you of some ways to keep warm – via the Calgary Philharmonic chorus.  I’ve posted about this before, but it bears repeating, now that we really need the information again!  If you need further explanation of some of their ideas, check here.

It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought I’d better catch you up on what’s going on in my very cold world.

I’ve braved the cold and made it to the gym both days.  And to work.  It just takes so very long to get all those layers on!  But I am so grateful for my ski-pants!  They make walking tolerable!

On the weight side of things, I did half a pound, so not quite what I wanted, but we’ll get there!  I did manage to record all my eating for yesterday, which is a major accomplishment for me.  I find it so very hard to keep track.  That’s where the PLAN comes in so handy.

Here’s today’s plan, based my shift (11 am – 7:30 pm) which embraces both lunch and supper.

8:30 am:  breakfast (which is ready now)

10:30 : am:  a spelt blueberry muffin, made by me.

1 pm: First break – slice of bread with bison

3:00 pm.  Lunch break – vegetable beef stew (lots of veggies) and a lovely slice of my spelt bread.

5:30 pm: Salad with half a can of salmon and roasted veggies for flavour.

8 pm (or whenever I get home)  almonds, 1 cup mixed veggies (mostly beans)

Of course all these times are approximate.  Life isn’t just like clockwork.  But the plan helps me to get it together.

Now it’s time for breakfast, so I hope that wherever  you are, you are warm and toasty.  Have a wonderful day!


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Making Soup!

A Wild Contatenation of Recipes

Today was cooking day at my house.  I was planning to make a “Fat burning” soup from a Don Colbert book, Get Healthy throu Detox and Fasting.  I’ve never done it, but the recipes at the back are nice.  It did help me make my grocery list!

What I ended up with was totally different – using another recipe I gleaned from Woman’s World and whatever was still in my fridge.

I started off okay, sauting the onion, garlic and celery in a tablespoon of canola oil.  When I got the carrots out of the fridge I noticed the parsnip.  That got chopped into the pot.  Then I added the organic vegetable broth that’s on sale at Calgary Co-op this week.  That was another Colbert touch.  But that was the last one!

I had decided to add some adzuki beans even before I started cooking – they were soaking while I was at the gym.  After a conversation about protein, I decided to add some quinoa to the mix as well.  This involved a good amount of rinsing, but there is no soapy taste to my soup.  The final addition was about 6 cups of tomato juice and a can of diced tomatoes. I forgot to mention the chopped bunch of parsley (no left overs) and fresh spinach that also topped off the mix!

All I can say, is that I won’t mind eating this for lunch for the next week or so.

I  hope this encourages you to play with your recipes, combining them to make new adventures for your tastebuds, and new nutrients for your body!

Thanks for popping by.  If you’ve got a good soup recipe, send me an email at:

5colourparachute at gmail dot com

I’m always looking for new inspiration!



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