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A Matter of Perspective…

At the beginning of February, when I began this horrendous climb in weight, I was devastated by the numbers.  And yes, despite everything I say, it is still a bit of a numbers game.  I started on track in January, moving from 227 pounds to 223.  One week, one pound.  And then February happened and I lost something. At week six of this year, I weighed 228 pounds.  I was not happy, but the story wasn’t over!  I climbed from 223 to 232 (according to my TOPS scale on Thursday night).  I blogged about that at One Year, One Week, One Pound.  while I wasn’t happy about any of the weight gain, it still happened.  And it was the evenings that were killing me.

So I changed.  If I am consistently making lousy choices at night, and great choices in the morning ( and who will argue that my porridge isn’t a great decision?) why not switch it up?  So that’s what I’ve been doing since Thursday March 1, 2012.

Today, I went to the gym, determined to get back to my Monday weigh ins.  Because I’d been weighing in every morning ( not a great habit, I know) I knew I would have a bit of a loss.  This morning we are back where we were at week 6.

And guess what?  I’m just as happy to see 228 today as I was unhappy to see it in February.  You just have to keep plugging along.

February was a hard month to walk through.  In terms of weight loss it was a desert.  I wasn’t plodding forward, I was racing back.  It’s not the first time I’ve done that, and I don’t think it will be the last.  But I did learn from it.  And here’s what I think I learnt:

  • You just keep “staying the course” – doing what you know is right, like going to the gym, improving your eating habits, and tweeking as needed
  • The world will still turn if I eat breakfast at 8 pm.
  • Life is just as workable if I eat supper at 8 am.
  • When you hit the skids in this journey – re-evaluate.  Add what needs adding.  Take away what needs taking away.  Switch what needs switching.

Thanks for popping in and checking on my progress.  I do appreciate it very much!



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Motivate and Live…

First of all I’m going to post a picture.  Clicking the picture will send you to one of the blogs I try to read every day.

  I think this post summarizes quite nicely what I’d like to say about what I’ve been reading in my Napoleon Hill this week and last.

There was first of all the call to control my mind.  I need to be more aware of my choices and also my control over them.  Take last night’s peanut butter “binge” for example.  Sure I was tired, I was coldish, I was for lack of a better word, “blah”.  I could have made different choices.  I just didn’t bother to make them.   However, now that I’ve made those “less than stellar” choices, it’s time to move forward.

This weeks chapter talks about having a burning desire to achieve something.  Apparently it’s something I can create.  But how?

Dave Ramsey talks about “gazelle intensity” when working the debt snowball.  I don’t have that either.  I just keep plodding along, eliminating credit card after credit card until they will be all gone!  (Two left, one of which is almost done!)

In this third chapter, Hill mentions Henry Ford and John Wanamaker and he concludes it with a quote from Mr. Wanamaker

I acquired the education I needed the same way a locomotive takes on water – I scooped it up as I ran!

So here are the three steps I need to take in order to change:

  1. Start where you stand – knowing what I know, being who I am, looking as I look…
  2. Make the best of what I do have – employments, physical health, and all the many gifts God has blessed me with!
  3. Trust that what I need will be available when I need it.

Now I need to jump in and get going!

I do hope this is helpful to you.  I know I need to sit down and make some plans for the next week, based on this!

Have a great day, stay warm if you’re in Alberta and wherever it’s still frigid out!


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A Man, A Plan, A Canal…


(Do you know what’s so neat about this title? – comment your answer. )

Anyways, here’s Thursday’s “Napoleon Hill” post.  I am maintaining my habit of reading and rereading a chapter of “A Year of Growing Rich”

Last year I wrote my starting weight at the top of the first chapter (253.5 pounds).  This year I got to write a different number – 227.0. 

And if I stick to my intentions, next year the first number will very definitely be a one!

No One Drifts to Success” is the title of the first chapter.  As I’ve been pedaling and reading some other books in my gym library, this has been ricocheting around in my head.  (The exercise bike is the easiest place to read, I find, so it’s my warm-up machine!)

Of course he asks the question “What is your one definite purpose in life — and what plans have you made to attain it?

I can’t determine one colour for my parachute, and I can’t really identify one definite purpose – except to move towards becoming the woman God created me to be – and that is in the process of becoming more definite.  But…I can define some definite purposes for each of my colours.  Together they will move me towards my definite purpose.

My yellow goal is to change my daily work and move into a paid teaching position.  Although I have and am studying to teach ESL, I am not limiting myself to simply ESL.  Teachers are trainers, encouragers, inspirers, mentors…. They share what they have learnt and are in the process of  learning.  This blog is kind of a teaching-learning process for me. 

But the year is already one week old and all I’ve done is register for a “techie” course and start my final CERTSL course.

Here’s my plan for next week:

  1. Read Chapter one of What Colour is Your Parachute 2012 and do the head work asked of me.
  2. Work on week two of my CERTSL course and begin my first assignment.
  3. Register for a government sponsored job search program in my area.
  4. Check out the websites for companies I might like to work with – with the potential of using my teaching abilities.

I will post my RED plan over at the new blog, although that might not happen today!  The other colours will have to wait for another post – and maybe a later date.  There is only so much I can focus on at one time!

In the meantime, here’s a clue to the riddle at the top of the post:

What is a palindrome?

Have a great day, enjoy some planning time and get on with life! It is God’s gift to you every day!


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Reaping and Sowing

I started a new blog this week, based on the final article in my gym book.  Here’s a link in case you’d like to follow it.  “One Year, One Week, One Pound”  It’s not a terribly exciting blog – more like the day to day recording of what I’ve sown and reaped on my journey to losing a pound a week in the next year.

During the past year I’ve sown some pretty good seeds on the exercise front.  I’ve been to the gym, gotten stronger, and more importantly – I’ve been consistent.  Every weekday that I was in town I was at the gym, moving some machinery!

When it comes to the things I eat, however, I’ve sown some weeds.  Because I’ve lost about 25 pounds this year, I know there are more good seeds (food).  The fact remains, however, that I could have planted better seeds than I did.

The new blog is a place to record the seeds I’m sowing on a daily basis en route to a healthier me.  But I have other seeds that need sowing as well.  I have other habits I’d like to cultivate – particularly the habit of order and diligence.  I’d like my life to increasingly reflect the garden above – interesting, diverse, but orderly!

I hope you’ll continue to journey along with me – it is so very encouraging when you do!

Have a wonderful day!


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Looking Forward, Looking Back!

I’m trying (as usual) to build some continuity into life and into this blog.  Because I’m an “off the cuff” kind of person, this  will require some discipline on my part.  However, I’ve come up with kind of a plan – subject to change of course, but I’m hoping to make it stick.  After all, if I can do this gym thing, surely I can do this?

Thursdays will be Napoleon Hill Day, as I continue to read through his book at the gym.  I enjoy the practice of reading the same bit over and over, pondering it as I do my 10 minutes on the bike.  To make sure I get it done, I’m going to do it first thing at the gym, rather than later.  Sometimes us gym divas start talking and I run out of bike time at the end.  The book has survived, intact, although it’s added a few water marks (spilt water bottles in the gym bag will do that to you!)

This week’s chapter is about “frequent, critical self-analysis”  and it provides a model to compare yourself too.  So here’s how I stack up:
“A definite goal in life – with a plan and a deadline”

RED GOAL: (health) In 2012 I want to lose 52 in 52.  One pound per week.  I will walk two half marathons (May and July) and participate in the Co-op Whole Health Challenge.  I will focus on my eating plans more this year, now that the exercise part is in place.

YELLOW GOAL: (career) In April 2012, I will write my final exam for my CERTSL certificate in teaching English as a Second Language.  By the end of the year I want to be teaching.

GREEN GOAL: (finances)  By August 2012 I should have my debts cleared off.  I want to have all the cruise costs in the bank by the end of December (Ship and air).  I want to increase my annual income by $5000.

BLUE GOAL: (creativity) I have a book in my head that needs to get onto paper.  I have a workshop idea that needs to be born as well.  Begin the process.

WHITE GOAL: (Faith): I found a book by C. S. Lewis  called Reflections on the Psalms at the used book store (part of Monday’s adventure) Because I find myself starting too many books and never finishing them, I’ve decided to just read and enjoy C.S. Lewis – which will include the Narnia series.  And for the first part of 2012, I’m going to enjoy the Psalms.

The one flaw (at this time) is that they don’t really have dates attached to them.  This is after all a draft of my life and not the final copy!  I do plan to spend some time fleshing them out in the next week or two.

When life gives me lemons, do I make lemonade?  When things don’t go as planned and I fail to meet my goals, what happens?  This is important.  I didn’t meet my weight loss goal this year.  But can I turn that into the beginning of better success in 2012?  I can.  I’ve seen things at the gym that I can start doing.  I’ve learned from other bloggers.  The journey is NOT over, it’s still in progress.

Do I work with others to move forward?  We are not alone in our struggles to live a good balanced life.  TOPS, blogs, books, friends, red envelops all help us move forward and support us when we struggle.  I am grateful for all of you who read my blog – you have no idea how much it encourages me to keep going.

There’s more to the chapter, but this post is long enough.  Besides I have some marshmallows to make before I go to work!

Have a great day!


The Cinnamon Bear, episode #23: “The Bad Dolls”
[Originally broadcast 21 December 1937 — 2.90mb, 12:39]
The Bad Dolls have stolen the Silver Star. Santa orders out the Tin Soldiers to capture the Bad Dolls and return the Silver Star.



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Eggnog Time!

I just took a swallow of my eggnog – uncut – and I remember why it is that I don’t drink the stuff at my house.  But once the tree is up at my house it’s eggnog time.  We buy a large container to drink while tree trimming (this year 3 people were enjoying that!) and thereafter a 1 litre size for my morning coffee.

My favourite brand is Dairyland, which I can buy at the Co-op! Here’s an informative link that will give you someone else’s opinion – but I’m a “Light” drinker and it is sweet!

There was a time in my life when I didn’t drink eggnog, but that changed many years ago when I came very close to spending an arm and a leg on eggnog flavoured coffee beans. I’ve come to learn that even diluted with coffee, it’s too much flavour.  Now I a 1:1 ratio of the nog and my skim milk, nicely frothed.

Chapter 50 of my Year of Growing Rich (Napoleon Hill) talks about “Not too Little, Not Too Much” and that about sums up my enjoyment of eggnog in December!

Here’s the next installment in the Adventures of Cinnamon Bear.

The Cinnamon Bear, episode #9: “Roly-Poly Policeman”
[Originally broadcast 07 December 1937 — 2.83mb, 12:21]
Judy and Jimmy are on the Magic Island, where the Roly-Poly Policeman has taken their Silver Star for his uniform. But before the kids can get to him, Crazy Quilt Dragon runs off with the Silver Star again! This entire blurb was “control C and V’d” from Get Rich Slowly.

By the by – my goal is still to have my second number be a 1.  I’m 3.5 pounds away from that on the gym scale. I’ll be eating out tonight and tomorrow night, with another Christmas party on Saturday.  It will be hard work.  Keeping you posted keeps me on task!

Have a great day!


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“Overcome Fear to Reach Your Goal”

That’s the title of last weeks Napoleon Hill article.  It ends with the statement from God’s word, which I found kind of hard to find this morning, but here it is:

Fear not, for I am with you always!

The closest I came was Isaiah 41:13, where I am reminded that God wants to take hold of my right hand, while He encourages me to fear not, but trust Him.

To tell you the truth, I’m a big chicken in this respect.  Here’s one example.  I like going to church.  Because of my job I work two weekends and have the third one off.  If the scheduling is good, I can start at 11 am, and attend a service at the Presbyterian church.  The other Sundays I attend a church in my neighbourhood, Hope for Life.  Things get so disjointed this way.  I don’t connect with anyone and I’m not involved, except when I can manage to flit into the pew.

Here are the options, the way that I see it right now:

  • I could quit the job, lose the benefits, and trust God to provide work that would allow me at least Sunday’s off.
  • I could cut my hours by taking another position.  This might or might not affect my benefits, would make my work physically less demanding, but would help me pay my bills.  But working less hours would give me more flexible scheduling and perhaps I could attend church more consistently.
  • I could continue as I am and …

At this stage in the game I’m choosing the latter but pursuing choice number 2.  I’ve just had a cortisone shot in my elbow to relieve tendonitis.  It seems to have worked well, but I’d rather not do it again.  (It wasn’t painful but still it’s not the way I want to deal with pain in my life.  I would rather prevent it from happening again.)

Choice number one is possible, but … well that’s where the fear comes in.  My financial safety net consists of an almost zero balance on a credit card, a small emergency fund and my ability to teach ESL.  Ultimately the first option is the destination I would like to reach.

Writing this blog post has been helpful for me, as I thought it through.  Maybe the options are the milestones – moving me towards the destination.

In the meantime, I couldn’t find this book at the library, but I found one called Fearless by the same author.  I guess I’m not the only person who struggles with this, as two others have holds on it as well.  Fortunately there are 10 copies.  If it comes in time, I will be reading it on my vacation!

One little GREEN comment:  Because I have been able to put more than the minimum payments on my debts, those minimum monthly payments are now much smaller than they were a year ago.  And there are a lot less of them.  This diminishes the “fear factor” significantly!

On the RED SIDE of things, I achieved another mile marker, 223.5 pounds, which means I’ve lost 30 of them.  My next “pebblestone” is 4 pounds from now.  Can I do it before I head east? 

Have a wonderful day!



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