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These posts will describe my journey to better health. You will find recipes, ideas and a weekly summary here. At my new blog,, you’ll find more details about year two of this journey.

“Your Daily Walk”

I’ve been more diligent about documenting the health side of my journey and this is the link to that, if you want more information.

However, I do want to share my experiences this week with a new app that I purchased last week.  I have owned and used Leslie Sansone’s walking DVD’s for several years, albeit sporadically.  The problem with DVD’s is that they get tedious after several uses and you are not so inspired.  So I am grateful to my friend Jean, who posted her completion of a Five mile walk on Facebook.  Investigating further led me to purchase the app for about $70 CDN.  A birthday present for myself.  My next gift will be some Thera bands to add to the workout as needed.

HEALTHIER  The Your Daily Walk app has had me walking every day this week, both indoors and out for a varied workout that walking the dogs does not give.  That’s a bonus.

WEALTHIER: The cost of the app is not expensive (for a year’s subscription) and after a week, I’ve brought the cost down to $10/walk.  I like keeping track of things that way!  You can pay monthly, but I think you still need to commit to a year!  

WISER: Variety is the spice of life, some people say, and this is true of exercise as well.  Being able to have different walking activities every day this last week has been motivating.  Adding variety or observing change helps us explore ourselves and our world.  The changes in my fitness routine have done both.

I’ll just share the link to Leslie Sansones’ Walk at Home site and you can explore that yourselves.  

Image result for leslie sansone

Thanks for journeying with me as I strive to meet my goals!




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It’s been hard to get my 10000 steps in on a regular basis.  Beijing was always easier because I didn’t have access to a vehicle.  So I have added dog walking to the routine.  At least twice a day.  I slso began doing Leslie Sansone dvds with my grandkids.  It is so much fun!

Today I also took the time to weigh myself.  I don’t do that often but I was pleasantly surprised.  247.5, and I’ve decided to re-start my Ipound a week.  But the most important goal at this point is to get close to my step goal. 

 This was taken this morning – we had a bit of a frost.

Enjoy the day.  Thanks for helping me stay focused.

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April 7, 2017

I won’t be able to think of brilliant titles every day or so, so sometimes, the date will have to do!

Health! It’s been wet, chilly and today there is snow on the ground.  While I enjoyed two walks on Wednesday, yesterday I stayed indoors all day.  Not a great choice and one I need to change.  Today the wind is blowing and I know my coat is not built for this challenge.  On the plus side, I am enjoying my daughters tomato soup (from scratch) full of healthy vegetables, including a whole head of garlic (not just a clove or two!)


Wisdom:  Somehow this moved to the middle part, so I’ll leave it there.  I’m learning to see my life as a process that I move into.  Still working through Designing Your Life.  I’m reminded that life is flowing, changing, and navigating it is a process.  I will never be done with it.

Personal Finances: They are depleting!  I need to start my employment search now.  One of the challenges is the needs of my family.  They need to be considered when I’m applying and interviewing.  I suspect online teaching and being a substitute, or something totally different will be the end result.  We are working hard to eliminate waste in the kitchen – and garbage.


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Catching up!

I haven’t paid this blog much attention for a while, and it shows.  I’m not sure I’m getting healthier (at least my knees are complaining more than usual), my savings are going down a little too quickly for my liking, and wisdom – well, according to Designing Your Life failure is part of the journey of life.  It allows you to reframe and try something different.

April 4, Health:  I ate reasonably well, starting with a smoothie for breakfast.  We brought a snack for “running errands” time – an apple and a banana.  Lunch was rice pudding left over from breakfast.  We are trying NOT to throw food away, but I don’t want to have two breakfasts!  Supper was a “butter” chicken recipe without butter. We used coconut oil instead.

I took the dogs for a walk – each one individually, so that added some steps to my day.  While my goal is to get over 10000 steps, I made it to just over 7000.  The lesson I have been learning over the past month is that I need to be more intentional about what I eat AND how much I move in a day!

WEALTH: Since arriving home from China, I have been spending my savings.  I needed some time to regroup, but now the job hunt is on.  As a family we are collecting our receipts so that we can see just exactly what we are buying.  I’m enjoying access to Value Village again, just to get clothing in my size.  

WISDOM:  From Designing Your Life, try stuff.  Take a chance.  Fail. Try something different.  Test alternatives.  But never, never, never stop moving.  

See you tomorrow!


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Happy Birthday #54!

Birthday Greeting 1910

This is the site where I found this lovely card and it quite suits the mood I’m in at the moment.  It’s been a lovely day for the most part, although I did a  lot more walking than I had intended.  But that’s a story for another day.  Thankfully, it was a sunny day, and I had time to do some thinking.

I turned 54 today.  I had to think about that a bit – I guess part of the aging process is that you forget how old you are!  I just seem to forget that I’m getting older.  The days go by, most of them fairly similar in tone.  Work gets done, bills get paid, a few books get read, something gets knitted on…. and so it goes, all in all a fairly mundane kind of life!  With a cruise thrown in for the fun of it – and I guess lychee martinis aren’t that mundane either!  Delicious though, one at a time.

As I was walking, I reflected a bit on the progress I was making in my life, dividing it into the 5 colours that I’ve chosen to represent it – and that’s what I thought I’d share while the last minutes of this delightful day wind down.  I also have to finish this lovely glass of wine!

WHITE:  I always feel that my relationship with my God is not all it could be.  I’m not consistent in so many of the things I want to do – reading, studying, praying, contemplating, meditating.  Something always seems to get in the way of that.  Mostly Facebook, I suppose, but I love the community I share there – and sometimes someone shares something that speaks to my soul and makes me think about my own relationships with people and creation.  I guess I’m just wishing it would be more than it is – and that comes with time – not just time as it passes, but time being active and aware – mindful time.  Something to strive for in the coming years.

BLUE:  My creative pursuits are not the priority they once were.  I find I can go for a few days without yarn in my hands, but I do enjoy the glass jars full of yarn.  I still haven’t written a  pattern for something, but I have been playing with dishclothes and making those “easy squares” more interesting.  And I finished the shawl that I’d been working on for 5 years.  My goal over the next while is to finish more projects than I start – and that will be tought!

GREEN:  Green is my money management – both earning and saving/spending.  Most of the last year and a half was spent saving for a cruise.  I’ve written a bit about that – but the reality was that I came away with no debt – and wonderful memories that I was able to share with my mom, aunts and cousins.  I still have one smallish kind of debt – my line of credit.  This was sitting at around $5000 last year, and even with the cruise, that’s diminished to just over $3000.  I’m planning to be debt free by age 55!  And earning more money!

Which brings me to YELLOW:  I’ve spent the last 5 years busily becoming qualified to teach ESL.  Last year I completed the CERTSEL program at the University of Saskatchewan.  I volunteered at the YMCA, subbed at the Y and this week I started teaching a regular class at the Y.  I am so excited.  While I had planned to be teaching overseas somewhere in September, family keeps me in Calgary for a while longer!  But it is exciting to be moving forward and gaining experience.  (And I have to start preparing for a Masters in TESL in a few years – money and experience)

Finally there is the RED.  Most of my ramblings on my blogs have been about the RED side of life – my health.  I’m still taking the blood pressure medications.  I still weigh over 200 pounds. I still struggle with eating late at night.  And…believe it or not…I still struggle with going to the gym.  It’s even worse lately, and the only positive thing is my commitment to moving at least 5 minutes every day.  That I can do – even if I can’t make it across the street to the gym!

So there you have it!  A bit of a review and a bit of goal setting for the future.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all facets of life moved forward at the same pace?

But it is bedtime, and my wineglass is almost empty.  If it’s your birthday when you read this – have a good one and I hope it inspires you to make some plans for the next year.  If it’s not – have a happy un-birthday kind of day and make some plans anyways!

Goodnight, rest well, and may God bless and keep you!



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A Tale of 4 Snowflakes: Part 1

IMAG0255The adventure started with these four snowflakes being entered at  Ever since the cruise idea came up, my goal was to start off a “travel-bug” in each of our ports of call.  Of course I didn’t get around to putting my idea together until the week before I left, something that is typically me.  If I do this again, I would label each one with the port of call.  As it was, the “Picker-uppers” had to do some finangling.


 However, three of the four are underway and I’d like to share a little bit of my adventures geocaching in Old San Juan.  There were several caches that I didn’t find but I found something even more valuable to me – experiences.   Mom and I were able to find one cache together, but she decided to go back to the ship – it was just too hot and she wasn’t feeling 100%.

This cache was nothing more than the strip of paper, and we could see it quite easily.  Before we left we tucked it in a little better.  I wish we had hopped on a horse and carriage tour of the old city, but that didn’t happen.  There are always so many things you could have done on a trip and cruises don’t leave you much time for doing them.

IMG_3323This was a fun find and where I had to leave my first Snowflake.  The cache itself was to small, but I was able to tuck the two together and hope for the best.  It was found quite quickly by other cruisers who took it home to Indiana, where it is now awaiting it’s next adventure!

The highlight of my visit to Old San Juan was a small park near the Children’s Museum and the Basilica de San Juan Bautista.  It was a lovely place to be for a while, even though I didn’t find the cache.  Of course, the timing was not conducive to visiting the church or the museum, but being there was the real adventure!


At The Park of “Los Palomas”

I’m not sure  how to get these pictures to look good on the page, and I really need to have lunch and go to the gym before I work. Nothing is seeming to work for me, so I’ll just have to settle for a less than splendid post, and hope you enjoy my little adventure!


One of the “very thin” houses in Old San Juan. I have seen another of these in Amsterdam, so this was a “must see for me!



This is one of several sculptures near the Museo de los Ninos and the Basilica of San Juan Bautista. A great place for Spicnic, I think!



The sun was setting as I got to the end of El Moro. I only found one cache, but being here and watching the sun set – well it reminded me of my evening in Paris, watching the sun go down behind the Eiffel tower. Sometimes timing is everything!

Well, some things are doing better now, so I’m going to head back to my other week-end tasks.  The other snowflakes were released in Fort Lauderdale, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas, but more about those adventures later.  The one dropped off in St. Thomas is, I think, still there.  But the others have moved on, one to Washington state, and the other is having fun in the Netherlands!  Which one will get to Calgary first?  Stay posted!

Have a great day everyone.  It was a pleasure sharing my adventures with you!


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Still Showing Up!

Sometimes I think that this process of losing weight and getting healthier is too long, too hard, and too boring.  Going to the gym, working out (even if I vary the machines and routines) just gets old.  And the results can be discouraging.  I’m not losing the weight as I would like.  And even though I say that I’m tired of being this over-weight – it doesn’t seem to translate into a lot of movement on the scale.  That didn’t bother me  much before, but guess what?  It’s bothering me now!

We finally have a bulletin board at the gym so I can mark my attendance on a small index card in the bottom right corner.  It doesn’t take much space, but it sure gets me to the gym!

So does my calendar on the fridge!  Having made the commitment to move just 5 minutes a day has on occasion even got me out of a nice warm bed on a chilly evening, when I’d really like to be reading quietly and enjoying the comforts of my hot water bottle.


I know just what I need to do – don’t eat late at night.  Write down what I eat. – or even what I plan to eat.  Don’t forget my lunch at home (that leads to not so great decisions at work!)   In the meantime,  I remain committed to moving – even if just for a little bit.  I also remain commmited to showing up at the gym at least 5 times a week.  (Last week I made it 6 times – even if the workouts were shorter than I ‘d like)

So, today I’m going to make a plan and I’m going to write it over at One Year, One Week,  One Pound.  Even though I haven’t lived up to that – I haven’t and I won’t give up.  It can be done, one day, one commitment at a time!

Have a good week!



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