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Routines – the Pros and Cons!

I’ve been on vacation for about 2 weeks, visiting my family in Ontario, attending a very special wedding, and having adventures of sorts!  There will be more allusions to that in the coming weeks.  But this Sunday morning I want to focus on something that hit me quite hard this morning.

Because we got an extra hour today, which I did not use to sleep, I was up quite early.  My Kakuro book was beside my bed and I solved 2 puzzles.  I got up and worked a bit in my room – there are areas there that annoy me more now that I’ve been away for a few weeks.

Finally, I got around to making my morning coffee – a routine I’ve missed terribly.  I love my morning coffee! Definitely a pro!

THEN… I mosied on down to the computer and started playing FreeCell.  This is one of the time-wasters that has snuck in to the routine of my day.  Definitely a con!

I think one of my challenges this week is going to be to identify the “routines” that keep me from doing what I really want to be doing! And more often, those  insidious little time-wasting routines keep me from doing what I really ought to be doing.

As I create this post I’m listening to a CD by the group Avalon.  One of the hymns has the line “Morning by morning His mercies I see”  Sadly, that isn’t one of my morning routines.  I think it should be. I would like it to be.

Today I begin to slip back into the routines of “the usual”.  This is a good time to evaluate the “usual” through new eyes and tweak it as needed.

Enjoy your Sunday!


(I’m glad to be back!)


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Can’t Sleep? – Do something!

Good Saturday Morning!

Thursday and Friday mornings saw me with this kind of thought in my head.  I’d been asleep, woken up and it was just past 3:30 am.  Way too early to get up and going!

In spite of alternating between reading relatively unexciting books and lights out I made it to 3:59 am and 4 am and so on and so forth.  I know I’m not the only one who has such early mornings.  What do you do?  I think more of us need solutions!

Anyways, by 4:30 am. I’d had enough and got up and made coffee!  Of course it’s too early to start vacuuming, so I didn’t.  But I must say it was quite productive!

On Thursday morning I managed to list and post most of my homes-schooling books.  It was definitely time for them to move to a new venue of usefulness.  And by Thursday evening many had been spoken for!

Friday morning was a repeat of Thursday morning.  A somewhat valiant attempt to get more sleep and then COFFEE!  I managed to do some banking and then I started on drawers.

This morning, thankfully, was a little different.  The first wake-up was at 2 am, and I just went back to sleep until the CD in my alarm woke me up!  Much better.

I’m quite excited about the accomplishments, I just wish I could have slept longer!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the movement of summer into fall!



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New Habit: Day One!

Yesterday I wrote about the new habit I wanted to form.  Last night I put it into action.  A while back I wrote about the Marathon man who ran 250 marathons in a year.  I wrote about my own goal to lose 100 pounds.  And while I was looking on Google images for funky “100”‘s to put on the blog, I found a book called The 100 Thing Challenge which I promptly put on hold at the library.  I was reading it at work and entertaining my friend Tracy with his story of the dolls (page 51).  It truly is a fun book to read.

I was almost at the end last night but too sleepy to finish it.  This morning my internal alarm clock woke me at 5:15 am.  Lately I’ve been grabbing an extra half hour instead of making the leap to my book.  This morning I read the last few pages, got out of bed and put two more pillowcases in the give away box.  And I still made it to the gym by 6:10.  A vast improvement!  It also meant that I took time to stretch afterwards, which is very important.  It’s also something that I don’t always take time for.

    http://guynameddave.com/  So now you’ve got the cover of the book and his website.  He’s also on Twitter and Facebook, and there’s a separate website for the challenge itself,  that I haven’t visited yet, www.100ThingChallenge.com which gets you to that area of his blog.

I am in the middle of changing my life.  I’ve just completed my studies to teach English as a Second Language and I could go almost anywhere.  The thing that hinders me just a lot is my stuff.

I’m not sure how much luggage I can take with me, but…I think I will work my challenge from two sides.  First of all I will  “pack my suitcase” and decide what it is I really need to take with me.  After all, clothing can be bought elsewhere.  Calgary is not the only city with a Value Village!  And my clothing may not even be appropriate in my new environs.

Secondly I will continue letting go of stuff – as I wrote before.  Chapter 7 of the book is called “The Hardest  Thing to Cut”.  In it Dave discusses getting rid of his wood-working tools.  What he was really purging was a dream – an idea that wasn’t going to pan out, even though he really wanted it to.  I have a lot of stuff like that – things I want to do, but somehow aren’t going to happen just because I have the tools to make them happen – like my watercolour paper, paint, brushes and videos.  They’ve survived many purges, but I think they may be going to places where they can be used!

It will be fun to see what happens!

Have a great day and I will keep you posted!


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I did it! I changed!

Well, the blog changed, but I did what I needed to do to change it.

How long did it take me?  In real time, 3 minutes, once I found the spot to do it.  Then a few more minutes to work out a tagline.

But what about thinking time?   Try 2 months or so?  This change has been in my mind for a long time.  First I couldn’t find my “WordPress for Dummies.  I suffer from “Too Many Books” syndrome, and “Too many papers lying around” and “Too many ….”  I suffer.

Anyways, I did find the book.  Then I had to find the page that I needed to find.  Then I had to find the spot….

There are so many things we need to do in our lives.  Some of them aren’t that big really.  They won’t take a lot of time and they won’t cost a lot of money.  But…we, well I and maybe  you, spend more time thinking about the task than it actually takes to get the job done.  I’ve noticed that on several occasions and it drives me crazy.

I stew.  I fret.  I stew some more.  I do this thing and that thing, but not THE thing that needs doing.  And then, when it is really crunch time – it takes no time at all.

So what’s on your to-do  list that you are shying away from?  Let’s hop to it!

See you later!  (Even this post was a bit of a distraction from what I know I ought to be doing!)

Have a wonderful day,


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New Name Coming!

Good morning from SUNNY Calgary, where the birds are singing merrily and the daffodils are blooming.  Everything seems to be in a rush to make up for lost time this spring.  It is beautiful.

When I started this blog a long time ago, I was thinking mostly about personal finance and writing about that journey.   It’s still something I am very interested in, and I have posted about it a few times this year.  However, when I set about to re-organize my life, I came up with a new strategy – 5 colours for 5 different areas that I needed to think about.

Next week, I will change the name of this blog to “My Parachute has 5 Colours”  and if I ever have enough courage to jump out of a plane, I hope it will.   For now it’s the parachute in my head.

A quick run-down before I eat breakfast and head to work:

Red = health and by extension weight-loss (My focus for this year)

Green = anything financial.

Yellow = anything related to my career and work.

Blue = Creativity, things I make up, ideas I have

White = (Which is all colours combined) is my faith life.  I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and I pray that comes out in my posts, even though I don’t talk about it much, it is the umbrella that includes it all.

Have a wonderful day!


PS: at Twitter, if you’d like to follow I’m 5colourparachut (no E at the end!)


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My Parachute has Five Colours!

I have read the book, took lots of notes, and  you know, at the end of it all – with information overload – I couldn’t decide just what colour my parachute is.  I am so glad that parachutes are not just one colour.

This picture has most of my colours in it, and maybe one day, I will find the courage to take a leap with just such a parachute to help me land!

A few years ago I was wandering around Europe and trying to figure out what direction I should take in my life.  I was still trying to figure out what one colour I should pick.  I sat in gardens in Cambridge, England, churches in London, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and in other quiet nooks and crannies in the Netherlands.  Then at the end of my “tour” I went to the Dutch island of Teschelling.  I went there because everyone else seems to have gone to the bigger island of Texel, and I wanted to do something different.  Terschelling is that!  As I wandered and pondered, I saw this bench and had my  epiphany!

I sat down and wrote this:  What colour is my parachute?  Too many colours – all the colours Prisma makes and more!  So because I am on Terschelling I will choose their five colours and make something happen!

Well, it’s been a while since I wrote that.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t get focused and get moving.  So here are the colours, and what they will mean to me during the coming year:

While RED is for the roofs of Terschelling, I chose it to represent a dream of some urgency in my life.  For the year 2011 it will represent my health.  Red is the colour of my blood, and I want my blood to be good, and my bloor pressure to improve.  I have a stack of  light red paper and everything that has to do with food or exercise gets printed on that paper.  This includes articles, recipes, menu plans and whatever.

Blue represents the skies. Originally I thought it would be something I was currently working on – because ” it’s always easy to find a blue pen” .  The idea was that I could have a pen for each colour! For now it represents things that I am creating or wanting to create.  Lately it’s been knitting patterns, but I’m sure more ideas will be coming and I’ll be able to keep track of them better if I know they’re on blue!

Yellow is the colour of the beach grass and I thought it could represent a goal for the future – something that I wasn’t working on yet. It’s become the colour of my work.  I have been studying to become an ESL teacher, and all my notes from the classes were printed on yellow paper, so I just kept that going.  If I find something that relates to this  – well print it, file it and store it in yellow!

Green is the colour of the grass – and there is a lot of it on the island.  Then I thought it could be a dream for my enjoyment – but I don’t have one just yet.  However green also represents money, and I have chosen it to represent the financial side of my life.  I have a “bit” of debt to dig my way out of, and some saving to do!

White is for the sand of the island, and the beaches were beautiful.  Then I thought it could represent any new dreams that might come my way.  But white is all the colours put together, and I have decided to let it represent the spiritual covering of all the colours.

Right now I am using a lot of red as I focus on my health!  More about that later.

This is my first post of the new year, and I wish us all a joyful year – where dreams become goals and goals become achievements!


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