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I Worked Today!

This morning I managed to sort of adhere to my morning plan:  15 minutes of waking up my mind with a kakuro puzzle. This isn’t my book, but… Actually I don’t need another Kakuro book.  Mine has 1000 puzzles in it, and after 4 summers I am on puzzle number 749, which has me stumped!  If you need a challenge and a change from Sudukos, I’d go this route!

I digress.  Again.  Once my mind is up and the alarm on my phone starts beeping, I have tried to start diligently writing down my prayers.  (A result of reading The Help in October).  I am not as diligent as Abilene, but I do enjoy thinking on paper and conversing with God that way.  This morning I thought much about love, but I also thought about WORK.  I go to the gym almost every weekday morning (sometimes it ends up being afternoon or evening) but I don’t always work.  I go through the motions.

Next year my focus is going to be Yellow but I’ve started thinking a little about it now.  Yellow is the “Life Work” portion of my parachute.  Work is not going through the motions.  Work is effort.  Work is sweat – mental, emotional, physical.  It’s not just the paycheck that results from work.   There’s growth and change.  But it only happens when I work.  I can stroll on the treadmill or I can work on the treadmill.  The time will be the same.  The results vastly different.

While I never really stroll on the treadmill, unless like Monday when I showed up at 7:30 pm. with a ton of stuff and no gym bag, I haven’t really pushed it.  Today I started pushing.  I increased the incline on my 4 minute walks and am slowly increasing the time on my runs.  But the incline is more important than the running.  I’m not really ready to amp that up at the moment.

Now it’s time to get some breakfast and move on with my day.  It’s going to be a good one!

“Snapper Snick”
[Originally broadcast 13 December 1937 — 2.78mb, 12:08]
Judy and Jimmy learn that they can only read Queen Melissa’s magic instructions in total darkness, which only occurs in the Wishing Woods. On the way there, the kids meet Snapper Snick the Crooning Crocodile, who swallows the magic instructions.

God bless!



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Vacation Reading

This is a quick post – I have muffins to make, dishes to wash, and a bed to get into!

I did want to let you know that I’ve updated my reading page.  There you can see my thoughts on the books, theoretically as I read them, but usually as I find time to post.

New additions: The Help,  The Film Club, The Boy in the Moon, and The Secret Daughter.

Perhaps you’ll find something to read this week!


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“In the first 10 pages…

I laughed, I cried, and I thought.”  Those are the compelling arguments my daughter gave me for reading “The Help”.  So I read it.  I think it should be read.  It should be enjoyed.  More than that, however, I believe it should be thought about.



I am not sure how to move these pictures around, but I thought it was interesting to see the different covers.  Mine had the picture of the three birds. I didn’t think about the significance of them at all.  Just read the book as I was told.  It just happened to be available at the library.  To be quite honest, I didn’t realize the other covers existed.  I am still pondering the significance of the three birds.   I judge books by their cover and I know I passed by the birds several times at the library, even though others had read and recommended it to me.  The maids and their charge would have made me pick it up sooner.

However, that’s not the question I want to ask myself now that the book has been returned, 3 days late, to the library.  What I want to ask is this:  “How did it change me?”  What difference does it make in my life?  Is this how I think of others in my life? 

There is one sentence that sticks out in the book, although I can’t find the scrap of paper I copied it down on.  It comes nearer the end of the book and Minnie and Aibileen are discussing domestic violence.  The gist of it is that we have lines – boundaries.  Things that we will or will not do.  Borders that we give to our behaviors.  And often, without even thinking about it, we adopt the lines of others.

Last week I was privileged to hear a sermon at South Calgary Community Churchon love.  Here’s the link to the sermon page,

http://www.southcalgary.org/rakbase/sermon/sermonList.php and it’s the sermon for October 16.  The questions I need to ask about my lines is this:  Are they drawn by love? by fear? by selfishness? by anger? Am I even aware of some of the lines I’ve drawn in my life?  Can I, once I’ve seen the lines I’ve drawn in the sands of my life, evaluate them and re-draw them based on love?

Anyways, I read the book. It did make me laugh, cry and think, just like Emma said it would.

And if you want to know what was in the pie…I’m not telling!

Have a blessed Sabbath!





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