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“Your Daily Walk”

I’ve been more diligent about documenting the health side of my journey and this is the link to that, if you want more information.

However, I do want to share my experiences this week with a new app that I purchased last week.  I have owned and used Leslie Sansone’s walking DVD’s for several years, albeit sporadically.  The problem with DVD’s is that they get tedious after several uses and you are not so inspired.  So I am grateful to my friend Jean, who posted her completion of a Five mile walk on Facebook.  Investigating further led me to purchase the app for about $70 CDN.  A birthday present for myself.  My next gift will be some Thera bands to add to the workout as needed.

HEALTHIER  The Your Daily Walk app has had me walking every day this week, both indoors and out for a varied workout that walking the dogs does not give.  That’s a bonus.

WEALTHIER: The cost of the app is not expensive (for a year’s subscription) and after a week, I’ve brought the cost down to $10/walk.  I like keeping track of things that way!  You can pay monthly, but I think you still need to commit to a year!  

WISER: Variety is the spice of life, some people say, and this is true of exercise as well.  Being able to have different walking activities every day this last week has been motivating.  Adding variety or observing change helps us explore ourselves and our world.  The changes in my fitness routine have done both.

I’ll just share the link to Leslie Sansones’ Walk at Home site and you can explore that yourselves.  

Image result for leslie sansone

Thanks for journeying with me as I strive to meet my goals!




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April 7, 2017

I won’t be able to think of brilliant titles every day or so, so sometimes, the date will have to do!

Health! It’s been wet, chilly and today there is snow on the ground.  While I enjoyed two walks on Wednesday, yesterday I stayed indoors all day.  Not a great choice and one I need to change.  Today the wind is blowing and I know my coat is not built for this challenge.  On the plus side, I am enjoying my daughters tomato soup (from scratch) full of healthy vegetables, including a whole head of garlic (not just a clove or two!)


Wisdom:  Somehow this moved to the middle part, so I’ll leave it there.  I’m learning to see my life as a process that I move into.  Still working through Designing Your Life.  I’m reminded that life is flowing, changing, and navigating it is a process.  I will never be done with it.

Personal Finances: They are depleting!  I need to start my employment search now.  One of the challenges is the needs of my family.  They need to be considered when I’m applying and interviewing.  I suspect online teaching and being a substitute, or something totally different will be the end result.  We are working hard to eliminate waste in the kitchen – and garbage.


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Catching up!

I haven’t paid this blog much attention for a while, and it shows.  I’m not sure I’m getting healthier (at least my knees are complaining more than usual), my savings are going down a little too quickly for my liking, and wisdom – well, according to Designing Your Life failure is part of the journey of life.  It allows you to reframe and try something different.

April 4, Health:  I ate reasonably well, starting with a smoothie for breakfast.  We brought a snack for “running errands” time – an apple and a banana.  Lunch was rice pudding left over from breakfast.  We are trying NOT to throw food away, but I don’t want to have two breakfasts!  Supper was a “butter” chicken recipe without butter. We used coconut oil instead.

I took the dogs for a walk – each one individually, so that added some steps to my day.  While my goal is to get over 10000 steps, I made it to just over 7000.  The lesson I have been learning over the past month is that I need to be more intentional about what I eat AND how much I move in a day!

WEALTH: Since arriving home from China, I have been spending my savings.  I needed some time to regroup, but now the job hunt is on.  As a family we are collecting our receipts so that we can see just exactly what we are buying.  I’m enjoying access to Value Village again, just to get clothing in my size.  

WISDOM:  From Designing Your Life, try stuff.  Take a chance.  Fail. Try something different.  Test alternatives.  But never, never, never stop moving.  

See you tomorrow!


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Babette’s Feast – Finally

I’ve made three Babette blankets of various sizes – and I’m working on the final panel of a fourth – but last night I was finally able to watch the movie.  I remember it being recommended to me many years ago – possibly more than 10 years ago even – but getting the movie from the library and actually having time to watch it?  That combination has been long in coming.  And of course it goes off the radar for a while and then comes back on.

However, I have at last been able to sit and enjoy the movie – while at the same time enjoying my own feast of sorts – sushi, red globe grapes and chocolate mint ice cream.  Quite delicious, but certainly not what the villagers enjoyed!
So, was it worth the wait?  Were there lessons to be learned from this movie?  I certainly think so!

babette 2

First of all, good things – really good things – take work, time, resources (in this case a lot of money) and patient practice.  Babette was an amazing cook who worked from the view that cooking was not just something to do, but something to do well.  She saw it as ART, not housework.  Yesterday my daughter made an omelette and she added a sprig of kale and a mushroom to the middle to make it look nice for the picture.  That’s the extra  mile that makes the mundane beautiful.  That is all over not just this meal, but every meal that Babette cooks.



Secondly –  you may have to go away to find the ingredients that make up the ART that is your life.  I’m reminded of the woman in Proverbs 31 who scours the market place.  My Pinterest board is evidence of my scouring and searching for things of beauty that may possibly add joy to my life!

babette 1

And because a good essay or sermon always has three points, I need to make one too.  While Babette was busy in the kitchen, paying attention to all these details, making everything “just right”  her guests had no clue as to what they were being offered.  Thank goodness the General came to help them discover the truth.

The people of that village had chosen to close their minds and to deny the sensation of taste that was offered them.  They deliberately turned the conversation towards the mundane, rather than fully enjoy the good things that Babette had prepared.  This is, I think, the point of the story.  I can choose, deliberately and completely, to ignore the abundance of good things that God in His grace has provided for me.  By pre-judging, I deny myself the possibility of a good friend, a new turn of thought and an opportunity to grow and learn.  I deny myself a fuller, broader, more experienced life.



All of my Babette blankets have been made with “stash” yarn – the stuff I have on hand.  I wonder, what it would be like if I deliberately sought out the colours that make my heart sing and one day, made a blanket that is truly a “Babette” feast for the eyes and the body.

Please take this post as an encouragement to enjoy this film.


(Still learning to fully live!)


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“There’s no Win in Comparison”

My church, Hope for Life, here in Calgary is listening to a series of sermons by Andy Stanley.  The theme of these talks is comparison.  And I have to say that I do a lot ofimages (1) this.  When I think back on thoughts I had as I compared my single, single parenting, under the poverty line, overweight, house-cleaning, home-schooling, “survival-jobbing” life to those of others, I always felt “less than” .


This is not to say that my life was awful – because it wasn’t.  It was great (for the most part – as most everyone’s life is) and we had lots of fun.  Looking back on it, there’s not much I’d change – except the envy part.  That I do regret.  I know that when envy creeps into my relationships, they don’t thrive.  They falter.  And I’ve been blessed with many special friends,  that have enriched my life in so many ways.

What I’m learning now, and trying to practice daily – is the art of looking in at myself and UP to my heavenly Abba who simply loves me. And has a plan for my life that isn’t the plan He has for anyone else.  Envy and comparsion lead me down the path of discouragement, when I so want to be encouraged and to encourage others.  I also want to move forward in my life, instead of hanging back because I might not be good enough.images

That’s where God is speaking to me just now, and maybe someone else is feeling the same way.  So here’s a link to “The Comparison Trap” and I hope it helps.  (I”ll also need it for future reference when I stumble into old thinking.

His mercies are new every morning, afternoon and evening – every moment of my day.



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Too Many Irons in the Fire!

I think this saying comes from branding season – when cowboys brand the calves and they have more branding irons in the fire than they need.  Thinks get messy and people can trip over things.

Back a few years ago, I decided that my parachute  had 5 colours.  Sometimes I think that in itself may be “too many irons” but it continues to serve me well as I keep life organzied.  The danger, however, is that within each colour I have too many things going on.

In my “Blue bag”, well actually there are a lot of blue bags in my life right now – yarn projects in various stages of completion.  Some are just balls of yarn, others are half finished projects that need to be done.  Here’s a partial list – and a few pictures:

1.  The Babette blanket I was working on several years ago when I travelled to Michigan.  It’s been blue-bagged ever since.  Someone commented on the colours and that did me in.  (I have finished three other Babette blankets, just not this one.)

2.  My dad’s 80th birthday present.  He’s now 81, its two days before Christmas and I’m still putting it together.  And making the edging parts.

3.  The Toe-up socks I wanted to give my mom for her 75th birthday.  I ran into problems with the heel and left them to languish.

4.  The Kaleidescope blanket that I want to finish for Neighbour Link.  I keep trying to make them boyish and it’s not working, even if I leave the pink out.  It too is almost done, sidelined by a lack of white to finish them off, and indecision about the colours.

I think you get the drift.  I won’t go into the balls of yarn that don’t even have a project to go with them, although some of them do.  And just in case you think I don’t finish anything, here’s evidence that I do!

Crocheted Advent Shawl, 2013

T Crocheted Advent Shawl, 2013

Two lovely designers from Greece  Mania and Maria   shared a pattern a day until it was done.  I jumped the gun yesterday with the edging and was able to block it in two pieces.  I’m done and so excited.  But this yarn, bought eight or nine years ago in Belleville, Ontario at the Knitting Nimrod, had been waiting patiently for a project.

So where’s the wisdom in all of this?  For me it’s this – get rid of those works in progress.  Finish them.  Move forward.  Don’t start another new project until these old chestnuts are done.

Even though they are not in my face, they take up space in my home, in my mind and in my daily life.  Once they are complete, I will have room for other things.

Here’s to taking a few irons out of the fire and being more careful about the ones I put in.


Becoming wiser, one iron at a time,



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