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Pondering Time!

This is the book that I read most regularly.   It takes less than 5 minutes while I’m on the bike at the gym.  I know that there are more things in this little book that I could apply in my life – but I need to save some changes for next year.   I have done a few things differently.  I was and still am looking for people to share the house I am renting.  (We have one empty bedroom.) I was certain that I wasn’t going to share a home with a man.  But I do, and it has been much easier than I thought.  And more fun.   I’ve decided to share more of my thoughts as I read through this book, but yesterday’s post was based on last weeks essay.  This weeks essay is about failure.

 A second book that travels to the gym with me is this one.  My daughter Emma bought this for me for Christmas one year.  I read through the first chapter but got hung up with the exercises.  Does this happen to you when you are reading these kind of books?  What I’ve been doing lately is what I do with Napoleon Hill’s book.  I read the same chapter over and over for a week.  There’s no rush (unless of course it’s a library book with umpteen holds on it) and I have pondering time.  Books like this ask some hard questions.  Like “What’s unique about me?”  Tracey says I’m always smiling at work.  I’m also the only cashier that collects food jokes and tells them to customers – at least at my store!

At work, when I’m not visiting with my friends, I have this book on the go.  It too requires that I do more than just read it.  There are thoughts to be thought, and lists to be made.  This book I read quickly, but I’ve gone back over it, one chapter at a time, so that I can think things through.  http://maxinehyndman.com  Here’s a link to her website.  It hasn’t been added to lately, but you can still access her newsletters.  The book itself is helping me to focus on different aspects of personal finance and of my life in general.  Once again, I come to the idea of “focused effort” or “gazelle intensity” – something I find very difficult to sustain.

Because I’m reading a little differently now, it’s going to take me a while to finish a book.  But I hope that I will be able to share a little more about how they are impacting me on my journey to be healthy and whole!

What’s on your reading list? Feel free to share what you’re reading and what you’re learning!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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“Progress calls for an Open Mind”

       Well, I tried to center them but that didn’t work.  I’m amazed at how quickly the year has gone by.  37 of them have been lived and I’ve shown up every weekday of every one of those weeks.  That was one of my goals, and so far it seems to be the only one that I’m accomplishing this year! It is nice to be successful at one thing at least!

Last weeks Napoleon Hill reading begins with the statement that ” an open mind is a free mind.”  One of my bike thoughts was  from John 8, where Jesus says, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”.  The question I began to ask myself was this:

Can I open my mind to a different reality – one where my goals are accomplished?

There are a few evidences that I can do this to some degree.  After all, I have shown up at the gym and used the equipment.  I have lost some weight. 

When I look at the green pages of my life I see two cancelled credit cards, increased savings, and less debt.  I was able to buy my plane ticket to Toronto with money I’d saved.  I’ve been able to sell some books so that I can do some adventuring while I’m there!
Career wise I’ve completed my studies and I have a certificate that says I can teach English as a Second Language here in Alberta and around the world. 

Creatively I’ve designed a scarf.  I need to do a “good copy” and submit it for publication.  It will be a free pattern and it should show up on this blog in the next month or two.  Definitely it will be done before Christmas because it’s a quick knit that lends itself to being gifted!

You know, writing this post has been good for me.  I was beginning to shoot myself down a bit.  Instead I see that I have indeed progressed and moved forward.  I’m already looking forward to tomorrow!

Looking up at the trees!

I thought I’d end the post with a picture I took a few years ago in Michigan.  It was a glorious day to drive and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Have a good day!


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