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Hello world!

Well, I thought this would be easier than it is, but starting is a challenge,

My brother, Leon, says that I want everything to be perfect so I won’t start until it is.  He’s probably right.

I have some goals for this blog.  Here’s what I’d like it to be:

  • A sharing of my financial journey.  I want to share how I do life on a limited budget.
  • I am in the process of losing 112 pounds.  Some of them are lost already, and I believe the journey is worth sharing.
  • A place to share the things I make, why I make them, and what I learn in the process!

Most of all, I hope it will be something that people will enjoy reading, and will be encouraged by!

Knitting on the London Eye!

Knitting on the London Eye!

I thought a picture of me – doing what I love – much higher than I like being, would be fun.  Because I was able to save a chunk of change, I could have this adventure.  Knitting kept me from panicking, because I do not like being this far off the ground!


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