The Green Page!

This is where I will be posting about money stuff. I like it. I wish I had more.  I wish I had managed it better before!

When I opened “The Green Page”  I was all excited because I had another page on my blog.  What I forgot to do is post something on it!

I’ve been collecting (and reading) personal finance books for a number of years.  My first was The Wealthy Barber


It is a great book and it started me saving just a little bit a month, but that little bit has grown over the years to more than $5000 depending on the stock market.   (There seems to be a new book coming out this fall, so we’ll have to watch for that!)

My daughter, who has a blog of her own (as well as a mind) has been a bit resistant to my financial nagging, but she’s coming around.  Right now she’s into  couponing, The Naked Millionaire Woman and saving money for a planned trip to Jamaica!  She’s also found some couponing sites – which saves me the trouble. So with out further ado, here is the link to her
blog, and if you are interested in trying out this form of money saving, click away!

I will be writing more about my money challenges, because I do believe that for me my money and my weight issues are tied together.
What’s your favourite personal finance book and why?  Post a comment and share your insight!

Have a good one,


(wondering how I get it onto the green page?)



2 responses to “The Green Page!

  1. The Naked Millionaire by Maxine Hyndman… all i gotta say

  2. Barbara, Mom, Oma

    My favorite Book about finances is the Bible, the Holy Word of God.
    In it you can find sooooo much to help you.
    Like doing good things rather than bad ones (which is easier?)
    Listening instead of talking; do not owe money to anyone, just do good!

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