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It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!


Today marks the first Sunday of Advent and as I woke up this morning my first thought was “It’s time to open the Christmas box!”.   I leapt out of bed and headed to the box that holds all the ornaments and Advent readings I’ve collected over the years.  Finding the candle was a little harder since I’ve been decluttering things.  Sadly I think I’ve decluttered some of my candle holders too!

For some reason I don’t have the cover for the readings that I’m going to follow this year, but I suspect they are based on the writings of Henri Nouwen.  (I do have the back cover, and his name is there quite frequently) Actually I have more information.  The booklet was published in 2007 and compiled and editted by James E. Adams.

I have been pondering lately about the movement of Grace in my life, so I would like to share this quote from today’s reading:

God’s grace is indeed like a gentle morning dew and a soft rain that gives new life to barren soil.

I am looking forward to enjoying this Christmas with my family and especially with my new and delightful granddaughter.  All the little things change when there is a new person to enjoy them with!

Have a blessed Sunday and a delightful Advent!




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A Thing of Beauty

This morning, before I even played Lexulous with my mom on Facebook I chanced on this article about Joshua Bell playing for an hour in a subway station.  The comment at the end of it made me think.  Enough so that I posted it as my status!

If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best musicians in the world, playing some of the finest music ever written, with one of the most beautiful instruments ever made…
How many other things are we missing as we rush through life?”

I’m getting ready to go Christmas shopping.  My day started at 4:30 this morning with a threatening migraine. While two extra strength Advil took care of that, I’ve been in a bit of a funk all morning – even my work-out was lacklustre.  All I did was move machines!

I’ve made my list and checked it twice.  Probably still forgotten something.  I’ve packed the clothing that needs to be dropped off at the bottom end of the C-train line (Thanks Zellers for allowing those donation boxes to be there!)  After I’ve brought my groceries home I’ll head out to Brittania Shopping Center to support my local businesses.  And finally I’ll head to the far north for a visit with my delightful daughter!  It will be a busy day but I’m looking forward to getting it started!

Anyways, what the Joshua Bell story reminded me of today is this:

(Clicking the Picture will get you  to the website of Heidi Malott who painted it.  Sadly it has been sold, but I’m glad that someone is enjoying this beautiful picture.  I hope you enjoy it too!)

So, in all the busyness and business of this final week of Advent, take time to enjoy the beauty that God gives us each day – a bit of music, the laughter of a child, a smile, a bird…)

Have a wonderful, beautiful day!


The Cinnamon Bear, episode #20: “Flying Hat”
[Originally broadcast 18 December 1937 — 2.79mb, 12:10]
The Grand Wonky arrives in the nick of time to banish the Wintergreen Witch to Looking Glass Valley. While searching for the Singing Tree, they find the Flying Hat and it has a mysterious note attached.

(Still struggling at 225 this week)

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‘Tis the Season to be…

Shovelling snow, sending Christmas cards, attending parties, cleaning house, decorating trees….In short it’s the season to be


And busy I’ve been.  Just today we’ve needed to clear the snow three times, and it’s still coming down!  Fortunately I’ve only had to do it once, but my turn will come again tomorrow.

Then there was church – which at Advent is a great place to reflect on the long term effects of Christmas.  Alas, I caught myself making a to-do list for next year and planning just how I was going to organize my yarn stash.

Next on the agenda was a ladies lunch.   It was delightful to meet some of the women that attend the church I attend in the neighbourhood.  I was blessed by the generosity and the opportunity to connect.  It’s not always easy to connect with  people when you kind of “pop” in every third week or so!

I got home just in time to make coffee for my friend Danielle, who needed advice on slippers.  And other things too.  It was so good to re-connect and to re-affirm our friendship again.  (And in case you need another knitting pattern, here’s the one we’re working on – Grammy Slippers

I’ve been looking for a pattern for these for a long time, and thanks to Danielle, I have a good one!  But the actual knitting of them is a little bit of a learning curve – not much if you use a single colour cast on, though.

Anyways, after knitting and talking and eating we were off again – she to an important phone call and me to the annual Christmas Choir service at St. Gerard’s Church near my home.  Every year the choirs of the neighbourhood churches gather to sing and share.  It is wonderful.  Especially when we’re all singing and the choirs are behind you singing descants.  It’s wonderful and I’m so glad it is part of my Christmas.

Now it’s time to rest.  Because tomorrow has its own busyness – starting with an appointment at 7 am.!

So…because I just might be too busy tomorrow I’m going to break the “rule” and post two episodes.

Have a good week, and try not to get too busy!


“Rhyming Rabbit”

“The Wintergreen Witch”

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A Peaceful Day!

Yesterday I walked from work to the C-train station in the midst of a tempest of blowing snow.  Thankfully it wasn’t a bitterly cold winter, although wearing both my work clothes and my walking clothes did help!

I came home to find my downstairs neighbour “dashing through the snowflakes” pushing them ahead of him with the shovel.  In the time it took me to shovel the walkways from the front door, he had not only cleared my sidewalks for me, but started on the driveway as well!

It is also the second Sunday in Advent – the time to prepare for Christmas and the second candle is known as the candle of PEACE.

I’m having a peaceful day.  Chicken with Lemon and Olives is in the oven, curtesy of a recipe I found in the November 2011 Canadian Living.  Since I’ve left my magazine at work, I was glad to find it on the internet as well.   Of course I modified it a bit, by doing it in the oven, but I’ll let you know how it worked out.  My slow-cooker is too small for this recipe.

My brother brought over our Christmas tree which makes me happy!  Emma and Eric will be over later, and we’ll put up the tree.  Oh no!  I don’t have eggnog.  This is NOT good.  And I’ll have to get some decaf coffee too!

I think my peaceful day has hit a small snag – unless of course I call and see if they can bring some.  In the meantime here’s the next episode in the story!

“Weasley the Wailing Whale”  I hope you are enjoying it!

Have a wonderful and peaceful day, wherever you are!


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The Advent-ure Continues!

“Crazy Quilt Dragon”   It’s kind of fun to listen to something new every morning – or evening!

Once again, I’ve been to the gym, enjoyed my coffee, and now it’s time to have a quick visit with my blog and whoever enjoys reading it!

Yesterday at TOPS we started our “Day One”.  This is available to members on the website www.tops.org.  Of course we could have waited until January, but why delay?  I have to confess that I was rather blunt in the last 5 minutes of our meeting.  Obesity is a life or death situation.  We need to deal with it.

I also challenged our chapter to “lose 52 in 52” next year.  This is NOT a difficult goal – but it is one that I have not been able to achieve – yet.  And this is my last year to achieve it.  This year I’m on track to lose about 30 pounds.  Not my initial goal, but way more than I’ve lost in previous years!  If I lose that same amount next year – well I’ve only got 40 pounds left to achieve the final goal.  So…if I’m ever going to get it done, next year is the year to do it.

Advent is a time of preparation – preparing for Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth.  For me it has also become a time of preparation for the year ahead.  The focus is going to shift from health to career.   There will be more about that as the month progresses. 

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this time of preparation!

Have a great day!


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