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Babette’s Feast – Finally

I’ve made three Babette blankets of various sizes – and I’m working on the final panel of a fourth – but last night I was finally able to watch the movie.  I remember it being recommended to me many years ago – possibly more than 10 years ago even – but getting the movie from the library and actually having time to watch it?  That combination has been long in coming.  And of course it goes off the radar for a while and then comes back on.

However, I have at last been able to sit and enjoy the movie – while at the same time enjoying my own feast of sorts – sushi, red globe grapes and chocolate mint ice cream.  Quite delicious, but certainly not what the villagers enjoyed!
So, was it worth the wait?  Were there lessons to be learned from this movie?  I certainly think so!

babette 2

First of all, good things – really good things – take work, time, resources (in this case a lot of money) and patient practice.  Babette was an amazing cook who worked from the view that cooking was not just something to do, but something to do well.  She saw it as ART, not housework.  Yesterday my daughter made an omelette and she added a sprig of kale and a mushroom to the middle to make it look nice for the picture.  That’s the extra  mile that makes the mundane beautiful.  That is all over not just this meal, but every meal that Babette cooks.



Secondly –  you may have to go away to find the ingredients that make up the ART that is your life.  I’m reminded of the woman in Proverbs 31 who scours the market place.  My Pinterest board is evidence of my scouring and searching for things of beauty that may possibly add joy to my life!

babette 1

And because a good essay or sermon always has three points, I need to make one too.  While Babette was busy in the kitchen, paying attention to all these details, making everything “just right”  her guests had no clue as to what they were being offered.  Thank goodness the General came to help them discover the truth.

The people of that village had chosen to close their minds and to deny the sensation of taste that was offered them.  They deliberately turned the conversation towards the mundane, rather than fully enjoy the good things that Babette had prepared.  This is, I think, the point of the story.  I can choose, deliberately and completely, to ignore the abundance of good things that God in His grace has provided for me.  By pre-judging, I deny myself the possibility of a good friend, a new turn of thought and an opportunity to grow and learn.  I deny myself a fuller, broader, more experienced life.



All of my Babette blankets have been made with “stash” yarn – the stuff I have on hand.  I wonder, what it would be like if I deliberately sought out the colours that make my heart sing and one day, made a blanket that is truly a “Babette” feast for the eyes and the body.

Please take this post as an encouragement to enjoy this film.


(Still learning to fully live!)



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Lessons from Babette –

Crochet blanket

Crochet blanket (Photo credit: ejhogbin)

The Blanket, not the movie, although I am going to put that on hold at the library!  Alas it is not available, but apparently can be watched via You-tube.  I may try that later.

This is the original Babette blanket pattern.  I bought it a number of years ago from Interweave press.  If this picture inspires you to buy it too, click here.  I have yet to complete a full size blanket, but I have made two smaller sizes for baby gifts.  It never ceases to amaze me how many beautiful blankets come from one pattern.

   This is one of the first ones I made, and it successfully used up most of the baby yarn I had.  With an edging of white to finish it, the result was quite nice.  One is waiting here at home for my ray of sunshine to be born.  The other was donated to Neighbourlink’s “No Crib for a Bed” event.

I have another one that is made of all the Astra yarn I had collected for a project that never quite worked out.  So I started crocheting squares.  The difference this time was that I didn’t sew them together as I went along.  Needless to say, this project is still hibernating as I type this.  It  has progressed beyond what this picture shows, but has not been enjoyed as a blanket as yet.

Now I’m going to share some pictures that I’ve found via Ravelry and Google images.  There is also a Flickr group dedicated to this blanket, so the number of images available are eye-boggling!

The first are by a designer from Malaysia, and you can follow her blog here

              While there isn’t a recent blog post on the blanket, you can see how this one got put together.  I’ve been struggling with one that I want to make for my dad, and doing some colouring may be helpful!


All of these images were gleaned from a google search of babette blanket images.

As you can and will see, all of them are different.  Some people go and buy specific yarn for their blankets.  Others use what they have on hand.  I have done both.

But here are the lessons I’ve learned from this wonderful pattern:

1.  Sew in the ends as you go!  Put it together as you go!  Don’t leave the ugly jobs to the end of the day, the week or the project.

2.  Working with what you have creates a whole different reality.

3.  Adding things into your life (like more colours of yarn) adds a whole different dimension.

4.  Taking things out of your life (like the Babette with only three colours) adds a different dimension yet again!

5.  Each day I live is a new opportunity to make a different blanket.

There are probably more lessons to be learned but this I know right now.  God has blessed me with a wonderful, sunshiny day and I am going to enjoy the many colours that are around me today!

Have a good one!




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