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Create in me a clean heart…

I’ve got a few books on the go just now, although I should be working on my course…

But one way or another, all are serving to make me rethink my life and how I live it.    They are making me rethink myself and how I really am. And why it is that I really want to teach English as a Second Language and see other parts of the world.

The other day I posted about sharing smiles.  Then I did it.  I posted my little sign at work, and five of them are missing.  Which means that 5 people smiled that might not have smiled.  And they may be carrying that smile around in their pocket.  It’s a small change.

But this morning, when I read a few chapters of God in a Brothel, I was deeply saddened by the reality that this goes on all over the world.  Even in my city of Calgary, young children are used, sold, abused… I want to deny this.  Yet, now that I think on it more, I know people who have experienced this violation as children and teens,  and are continuing to pay the price.   As I continue to read, I realize that while smiles may be a beginning, they are not enough.

Jamie Langston Turner’s books have been with me for a while.  Suncatchers is the first one.  By the Light of A Thousand Stars is actually the third in the series.  Most of  Turner’s books are set in an area of South Carolina, I think, but one lady shows up in all of them, Eldeen, and she makes me smile and think about my own life.  These books have been read, re-read and re-read again.  Probably the only adult fiction that has grabbed hold of me – enough that I actually own them.  What they remind me of most of all, is that God can use the small actions of one person to make a change in another person’s life.

Earlier this year, I posted about PURITY as the word I wanted to focus on this year.  That idea came in part from this book, that I’ve just gotten from the library.  It will probably become part of my library as well, but not just yet!  However, it reminds me that just as one person can change the life of another person, so focusing on one word can change my life.


I’m not done reading.  I’m not done thinking and pondering.  I’m not done changing.  But today, I am grateful that I can not only read these books, but I can be changed by them.

Have a blessed Sabbath.



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This picture is courtesy of Green Calgary . When I was googling for pictures of pure water, I thought I’d “Shop” local.  It’s from their blog, but their home site is interesting too!

I’ve been reading about water at the gym, and very grateful that the water that comes from my tap is as good as it is.  Of course, it’s never pure enough, or clean enough.  So, with a gift card from my dear friend, I am going to be buying a Brita filter for drinking water.

I”ve also been reading through the New Testament in 90 days, although I am very behind.  But what keeps coming back to me is this:  Jesus was pure in a way that I can never be pure.  His living water is pure.  The water from my tap, even filtered through the most thorough of filters, will never be pure enough.

That is why I will always be in need of His great grace.

Purify my heart,


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A Word for the Year?

Have you ever chosen a word to focus on during the course of a year?  I used to do this in a bible study group that I was part of.  I’ve forgotten some of those words already, but many people do this! Debbie Macomber, who writes mostly “Chick Lit” has written some serious books, and her latest is about this exact thing:

  Clicking on the image should get you to her page and book description.  Because I get her newsletter via e-mail I know that her word for 2012 is MAGNIFY.

My problem is that I can’t really settle on one word.  For a while I was kicking around the idea of DILIGENCE.  The other words I’ve considered were faith and courage.  But, I just can’t seem to pick one.  Sound familiar?  That’s the reason my parachute has 5 colours – I can’t just pick one!   But, I can choose a word to guide my thinking for a while –  a month, a season – a week.

And because New Year’s Day is also a day for new beginnings I began my morning with a reading from Our Daily Bread  The main point was this:

  • “Let’s be Ready”
  • Being ready involves purification
  • Purification involves keeping my heart from sinful distractions
  • Purification involves focusing on becoming more like Jesus

So as I move through the rest of this winter season, I hope to focus on purity in all the colours of my life.

Feel free to share your word and why you chose it in the comments section.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and a wonderful beginning to a New Year!


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