What I’ve been Reading!

   I’ve borrowed this from the library, (Calgary has 4 copies and 11 holds, so not too long of a wait!)  It’s by Dave Bruno.  It’s not a “how-to” of decluttering, but a thoughtfully written journal of his experiences as he whittled down his personal possessions.  I am going to re-read it while I can, but his story is making me look at the “why” of my stuff, and what I really hoped to accomplish when I got it. It’s a quickish  and enjoyable read.

  I read this at the suggestion of Emma, who said it made her laugh, cry and think, all in the first 10 pages.  I am looking forward to seeing the movie with her soon.  Inspired by Aibeline, I have also begun to write down my prayers.  It isn’t easy to stay consistent in that, but I’ve tweaked my alarm.

This was one of the “top 40” in CBC’s Canada Reads.  Emma wanted to read it, but I ended up reading it instead.  I enjoyed a man’s experience with homeschooling, and a boy’s journey into manhood.  It was very different from my own homeschooling adventure, and I would recommend it.  I do need to check out some of the movies as well.

  This was another “Canada Reads” book and it did make it into the top 10.  It’s another book about the challenges of a father and son, although quite different.  I thought it was interesting that Emma and I both chose father/son books.  I encourage you to read this book – it reminds me that God works through every child, every human being, to help us grow and grow up.  We do not know what lies ahead of us when we conceive and give birth to children – but one thing is sure – they can bless us in ways that only God in His wisdom knows.

Another vacation read – this one recommended by the doctor I’ve been seeing for my elbow.  I was going to buy it but my sister had it and was willing to lend it to me.  It was a great story about love and loss, and moving forward in life.  We make so many decisions that seem right at the time, and yet have repercussions that we don’t expect.  It gave me an insight into India that I didn’t have before – and into the strength and resilience that we have, even in difficult situations.  Enjoy it.


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