The Red Page: Exercise and Diet notes

After writing about two blogs that I follow, I thought this might be an appropriate solution to my dilemma.  I hope it will make me more consistent about tracking what I eat and how much I move in a day.  I will note my activities at the gym (weights, and miles moved on the various machines I use).  I would like to also at least report on my eating. For now I will just list which fruits and veggies I ate.  I know that if I can eat enough of them I will do better.

Tuesday, November 15:  At the gym:  Biked 5 minutes and 25 minutes on the treadmill.  Biked around town and walked at the dog park.

Fruit:  Apple, banana.  Veggies:  2 cups broccoli and lettuce in my wrap.

Wed. November 16:  At the gym I spent 25 minutes on the treadmill, biked to work. Veggies:  2 cups broccoli and more lettuce on my wrap.  Fruit: banana and apple.  I did track my eating:  I’ve had about 2000 calories, and I’m “allowed” 2106 of them.

Thurs. Nov. 17;: At the gym but left early because the music was driving me bonkers.  Tracked my eating on my Nutribase and I’m falling below the line.  Added carrots to the mix.  I did eat 5 fruits/veggies today.  On the TOPS scale I was 224.5.

Friday, Nov. 18:  Good workout at the gym – weights and I managed to run at 5.1 mph – a surprise!  Who knew?  Followed the menu plan I set out.  Weighted 222.5 at the gym.  Still not sure I’m eating enough fruits and veggies.  More work on that tomorrow!  I think I stayed below my calorie allotment, but I can’t properly enter the Irish Coffee I enjoyed this evening!

Thurs. Dec. 1:  TOPS weigh-in 225.00.  Mostly a good day, except for the 6 pm. Mars bar.  1.5 cups veggies at breakfast, veggie soup, grapefruit, apple, banana

Friday, Dec.  2:  The first of several Christmas events is today.  Day 3 of eating dinner for breakfast – chicken and veggies.


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