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25 Minutes to Gym Time!

I keep forgetting to ice!  Not only that, but I much prefer to be warm.  But the ice helps and that’s what matters!

I have a bit of pain – well more than that – on the back of my heel.  This morning was a 2 Advil morning and now the ice.

Fortunately I’m still able to do most of what I like to do with some adjustments.  I’m not running.  I’ve switched to the ellliptical machine most days.  And of course, instead of sitting comfortably, – but at least typing is still an option!

Today is weights day, so not much cardio on the planner anyways.

I did make the hot chocolate mix yesterday – I think I’ll make some without the pepper – not sure the kids will like it.  But I did!  From a “dollars and cents” perspective, I’m going to try my next batch with just milk chocolate chips.

Have a great day!  Oh and here’s the next installment in the story!

The Cinnamon Bear, episode #18: “Cocklebur Cowboys”
[Originally broadcast 16 December 1937 — 2.82mb, 12:18]
Slim Pickens and the Cocklebur Cowboys of the Purple Plain come to the rescue of Judy and Jimmy, Cinnamon Bear and Crazy Quilt, pulling them from the mud.

Have a wonderful day!




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Collecting Recipes!

It’s been a day!  Trouble sleeping, and a sudden sadness in the middle of the night that made me weep.  Doesn’t happen often, but it sure makes you think – and pray.  And after all that, warm up some milk and eggnog!

I let myself sleep in, and went to they gym late, but I had a great work-out.  I switched to the elliptical for half an hour (my heel is giving me pain – no running!), did my weight circuit and some biking and stretching.  Then home to do laundry and recipe collecting!

I’ve been wanting to make hot chocolate mix, but all the recipes I found had coffee whitener in them – and I don’t like that stuff!  So you can imagine my delight to find a recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix.

It really does look like the picture because I “borrowed” it from the blog!  And there’s also a recipe for marshmallows!  I do have to make some in advance but I’ve invited my nieces over to make candied popcorn and also to help me with the mixing (20 minutes) that’s required!

Another recipe I want to try is for coffee scrubs.  I’ve been saving the grounds from my morning coffee and it’s time to try this on for size.  I checked a few out and this is the one I liked

But, now it’s time to eat my veggies and get on with the tasks of today – sending cards, writing a Christmas letter, and making some ornaments.

Here’s the next episode in the continuing saga of Cinnamon Bear: “Oliver Ostrich”

Have a wonderful day, preparing for the Light of the World!


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