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Finishing UP!

Earlier this year – or maybe it was in December, I reflected on the clutter in my life – mental and physical.  There is too much wool in my cupboards and too many projects that need to be finished.

2013-11-21 08.32.41

Happily, I can report that two projects were completed this month.  One was the Morrocan Circles afghan for my dad.  I just got the card today and plan to mail it to him this weekend.  So excited!


2013-11-21 08.32.54 2014-01-08 23.35.49 (1)

These pictures aren’t the greatest, but I have to say that I am so very happy with it.  It speaks to me of the many winter evenings my dad spent plowing snow, and the many flowers he planted to brighten people’s days.  (This afghan is designed by by Kimberly K. McAlindin and you can find it in a book called Unexpected Afghans)

The second project on my UFO (Unfinished objects) list was an afghan that I had made in the past.

2014-01-26 12.13.38

“Canadian Living” calls it ‘Another Colourful Blanket‘ and I’ve provided the link to it.  It’s a pretty easy project, but I had some yarn issues that kept me from finishing it.  Finally I eliminated the last round of each square, giving me enough to finish two each of the green and orange squares.  I learned a new technique for joining the squares which added some size back into the blanket and it’s just waiting to be delivered to the folks at Neighbourlink.

I took this picture to show just how little yarn I had left and how little I had left to do.  It was just a tad stressful to be so close to the finish line, and then run out of yarn.  First I prayed, remembering the story of Elijah and the widow woman whose pot of oil and sack of grain never ran out.  I figured God could make the yarn stretch.  But then I thought – I’m not living in a time of famine like Elijah.  I can just go to my favourite yarn shop and buy another ball of yarn!  I just kept working.

Even as I was contemplating how to rework the border (my plan was to change the double crochets to half doubles – a lot of work but I was sure I would have enough to get completely around) suddenly I was at the end and there was more than enough – almost half a yard or so.   I wonder if God was chuckling when I finished.

As I type this little story, I wonder if there isn’t a bigger lesson for me.  How often do I fail to start something, finish something, or do something, simply because I’m worried that there won’t be enough?  This project was always waiting for me to resolve the issue and even when there wasn’t enough to do it the way the pattern read, there was enough to make a pretty nice blanket to wrap a baby in.

Well, this isn’t the end of the story as I still have some projects that need finishing in my box.  One at a time.  I still have an essay to write this week and that has a due date!

Have a great day and I hope my pictures inspire your creativity!




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I did it! I changed!

Well, the blog changed, but I did what I needed to do to change it.

How long did it take me?  In real time, 3 minutes, once I found the spot to do it.  Then a few more minutes to work out a tagline.

But what about thinking time?   Try 2 months or so?  This change has been in my mind for a long time.  First I couldn’t find my “WordPress for Dummies.  I suffer from “Too Many Books” syndrome, and “Too many papers lying around” and “Too many ….”  I suffer.

Anyways, I did find the book.  Then I had to find the page that I needed to find.  Then I had to find the spot….

There are so many things we need to do in our lives.  Some of them aren’t that big really.  They won’t take a lot of time and they won’t cost a lot of money.  But…we, well I and maybe  you, spend more time thinking about the task than it actually takes to get the job done.  I’ve noticed that on several occasions and it drives me crazy.

I stew.  I fret.  I stew some more.  I do this thing and that thing, but not THE thing that needs doing.  And then, when it is really crunch time – it takes no time at all.

So what’s on your to-do  list that you are shying away from?  Let’s hop to it!

See you later!  (Even this post was a bit of a distraction from what I know I ought to be doing!)

Have a wonderful day,


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