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I Worked Today!

This morning I managed to sort of adhere to my morning plan:  15 minutes of waking up my mind with a kakuro puzzle. This isn’t my book, but… Actually I don’t need another Kakuro book.  Mine has 1000 puzzles in it, and after 4 summers I am on puzzle number 749, which has me stumped!  If you need a challenge and a change from Sudukos, I’d go this route!

I digress.  Again.  Once my mind is up and the alarm on my phone starts beeping, I have tried to start diligently writing down my prayers.  (A result of reading The Help in October).  I am not as diligent as Abilene, but I do enjoy thinking on paper and conversing with God that way.  This morning I thought much about love, but I also thought about WORK.  I go to the gym almost every weekday morning (sometimes it ends up being afternoon or evening) but I don’t always work.  I go through the motions.

Next year my focus is going to be Yellow but I’ve started thinking a little about it now.  Yellow is the “Life Work” portion of my parachute.  Work is not going through the motions.  Work is effort.  Work is sweat – mental, emotional, physical.  It’s not just the paycheck that results from work.   There’s growth and change.  But it only happens when I work.  I can stroll on the treadmill or I can work on the treadmill.  The time will be the same.  The results vastly different.

While I never really stroll on the treadmill, unless like Monday when I showed up at 7:30 pm. with a ton of stuff and no gym bag, I haven’t really pushed it.  Today I started pushing.  I increased the incline on my 4 minute walks and am slowly increasing the time on my runs.  But the incline is more important than the running.  I’m not really ready to amp that up at the moment.

Now it’s time to get some breakfast and move on with my day.  It’s going to be a good one!

“Snapper Snick”
[Originally broadcast 13 December 1937 — 2.78mb, 12:08]
Judy and Jimmy learn that they can only read Queen Melissa’s magic instructions in total darkness, which only occurs in the Wishing Woods. On the way there, the kids meet Snapper Snick the Crooning Crocodile, who swallows the magic instructions.

God bless!



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