Life Changing!

I haven’t blogged in quite a while and I am surprised that people still visit this space that seems to change as I change.  And right now I am in the midst of a very big change.  Not sure how it’s going to work with my life goals at the moment – I’m eating crazy, I’ve resigned from both my jobs (with a bit of a life-line to both of them, but still…) and some moments I think I’m going crazy.

drowning in life This image floated across my FB feed this morning and I so needed to be reminded of this truth.  I’ve used the analogy with a few of my friends – that I am getting ready to climb out of the boat.  Yes, I still have the potential to come back to the jobs I am leaving behind, but I am also applying for jobs in countries that I have no experience with – places like Turkey, China, Korea and just lately Saskatoon.

I’ve decided that since this is a journey that other 50 something women might consider embarking on and maybe some who are younger and not women, I would chronicle the experience instead of just sitting on it and internalizing it.  Life is meant to be shared and this is one way of doing it.  Of course, I may be going about this all the wrong way – but I don’t have a road to follow in this.  If I make a wrong step, I can share it and  help someone else from making the same misstep on their adventures!

Have a great day!




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3 responses to “Life Changing!

  1. Sometimes we really come across something that we never thought that it will happen to us. I just hope that you will hang on. Keep the faith.

    God Bless!


    hello could i have this cute pattern? MY name is sylvie and live in belgium

    • Marcia Stehouwer

      Hi Sylvie, I’m not sure which pattern you are referring to. There isn’t one on that page. If it’s the shawl I was knitting in Beijing, you’d have to connect with Little Red Mitten. I’m sure they have a digital format that you could get. It was a fun pattern!

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