Amazing Souls


I get a lot of pictures and sayings on my Facebook page.  I don’t share every single one of them, because…Well quite frankly, too much of a good thing is just too much!  This morning I posted this.  As a comment, I wrote:

I am already surrounded by amazing souls, but the ability to love fiercely requires some thought.

Or do you find that out when life gets ugly?

You see, I know that wonderful people surround me – my family, my friends, people I work with… And I am always meeting wonderful people.  Do I love them fiercely?  I don’t know.  That’s what got me thinking, and is probably why I re-posted this.  I struggle with how I love.  Especially in my relationship with God.  Do I really love HIM fiercely?  My thought at the moment is this – that when it matters your love will show up – fierce, determined, feisty

Then my friend wrote a comment:

And if those souls are less than amazing and even unlovable in ones eyes…for any reason? Then what? Life does get ugly.

Because I believe that we all are created in the image of GOD Almighty, no soul can be less than amazing.  This includes everyone, including those that hurt me, hurt others, hurt themselves…The drunk students on the C-train, the rude customers at work…(There are an awful lot of …’s in this post!)

Anyways it’s time for me to go and enjoy worshipping – and I’m still in my pj’s, so I will quickly copy the rest of the dialogue, and post this.  I hope you will feel free to join in via the comments!

ME:   DOes amazing eliminate unlovable – I don’t think so. But there are those souls (people) who have chosen to deny how fearfully and wonderfully they are made, and some try to pull my soul down with them. I haven’t met very many souls I couldn’t love – but I don’t always keep them close to me. Thanks for the dialogue. Love it!

MY FRIEND:   i hear you! seeing the amazing in others – even when they are unlovable is a key. I think that the more we know our own “amazingness” (ie, value, worth, dignity) we are bettter at being ok with those that struggle with their own amazingness! (i don’t think thats a word) and so the group that we surround our selves might grow/change from time to time. I think of Jesus with his band of disciples. of course, Jesus knew they were all amazing – and helped them to understand that. He loved them fiercely!!



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One response to “Amazing Souls

  1. Thanks Marcia for reminding all of us that we are not to be stingy with our love, to anyone, but to love fiercely, with all that we are. You are such a blessing to me as I read your post and thoughts. 🙂

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