A Tale of 4 Snowflakes: Part 1

IMAG0255The adventure started with these four snowflakes being entered at Geocaching.com.  Ever since the cruise idea came up, my goal was to start off a “travel-bug” in each of our ports of call.  Of course I didn’t get around to putting my idea together until the week before I left, something that is typically me.  If I do this again, I would label each one with the port of call.  As it was, the “Picker-uppers” had to do some finangling.


 However, three of the four are underway and I’d like to share a little bit of my adventures geocaching in Old San Juan.  There were several caches that I didn’t find but I found something even more valuable to me – experiences.   Mom and I were able to find one cache together, but she decided to go back to the ship – it was just too hot and she wasn’t feeling 100%.

This cache was nothing more than the strip of paper, and we could see it quite easily.  Before we left we tucked it in a little better.  I wish we had hopped on a horse and carriage tour of the old city, but that didn’t happen.  There are always so many things you could have done on a trip and cruises don’t leave you much time for doing them.

IMG_3323This was a fun find and where I had to leave my first Snowflake.  The cache itself was to small, but I was able to tuck the two together and hope for the best.  It was found quite quickly by other cruisers who took it home to Indiana, where it is now awaiting it’s next adventure!

The highlight of my visit to Old San Juan was a small park near the Children’s Museum and the Basilica de San Juan Bautista.  It was a lovely place to be for a while, even though I didn’t find the cache.  Of course, the timing was not conducive to visiting the church or the museum, but being there was the real adventure!


At The Park of “Los Palomas”

I’m not sure  how to get these pictures to look good on the page, and I really need to have lunch and go to the gym before I work. Nothing is seeming to work for me, so I’ll just have to settle for a less than splendid post, and hope you enjoy my little adventure!


One of the “very thin” houses in Old San Juan. I have seen another of these in Amsterdam, so this was a “must see for me!



This is one of several sculptures near the Museo de los Ninos and the Basilica of San Juan Bautista. A great place for Spicnic, I think!



The sun was setting as I got to the end of El Moro. I only found one cache, but being here and watching the sun set – well it reminded me of my evening in Paris, watching the sun go down behind the Eiffel tower. Sometimes timing is everything!



Well, some things are doing better now, so I’m going to head back to my other week-end tasks.  The other snowflakes were released in Fort Lauderdale, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas, but more about those adventures later.  The one dropped off in St. Thomas is, I think, still there.  But the others have moved on, one to Washington state, and the other is having fun in the Netherlands!  Which one will get to Calgary first?  Stay posted!

Have a great day everyone.  It was a pleasure sharing my adventures with you!



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