Still Showing Up!

Sometimes I think that this process of losing weight and getting healthier is too long, too hard, and too boring.  Going to the gym, working out (even if I vary the machines and routines) just gets old.  And the results can be discouraging.  I’m not losing the weight as I would like.  And even though I say that I’m tired of being this over-weight – it doesn’t seem to translate into a lot of movement on the scale.  That didn’t bother me  much before, but guess what?  It’s bothering me now!

We finally have a bulletin board at the gym so I can mark my attendance on a small index card in the bottom right corner.  It doesn’t take much space, but it sure gets me to the gym!

So does my calendar on the fridge!  Having made the commitment to move just 5 minutes a day has on occasion even got me out of a nice warm bed on a chilly evening, when I’d really like to be reading quietly and enjoying the comforts of my hot water bottle.


I know just what I need to do – don’t eat late at night.  Write down what I eat. – or even what I plan to eat.  Don’t forget my lunch at home (that leads to not so great decisions at work!)   In the meantime,  I remain committed to moving – even if just for a little bit.  I also remain commmited to showing up at the gym at least 5 times a week.  (Last week I made it 6 times – even if the workouts were shorter than I ‘d like)

So, today I’m going to make a plan and I’m going to write it over at One Year, One Week,  One Pound.  Even though I haven’t lived up to that – I haven’t and I won’t give up.  It can be done, one day, one commitment at a time!

Have a good week!




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