Thinking outside the box!

I have crocheted many snowflakes in my life.  I even have a book on crocheting snowflakes that I bought years ago, and I think I did every one of them.  So that begs the question, “Why did I wait weeks to get this one?  I mean, how many snowflakes should you crochet in one life time?  How many people want your crocheted snowflakes?  Or need them?

100 Snowflakes to Crochet_finalcov

Anyways, I have the book for three weeks thanks to the Calgary Public Library, and I am going to enjoy it.  As a matter of fact, I have already crocheted a snowflake….I just don’t have a  picture of it yet!  But something grabbed at me from the first pages. Snowflakes don’t have to be made out of white crochet cotton.  THe book suggests going smaller and finer – but I have so much yarn that is heavier and more colourful.  My first flake, is dark green DK yarn that someone gave me.    Who knows where it will end up – maybe hanging in someone’s tree? Or stumbled upon while walking in Fish Creek Park?  There could be multi-coloured snowflakes anywhere and everywhere!

100 Snowflakes to Crochet book

My point is this – sometimes you only need a few sentences from a book, or a picture – and that creates a leap that changes the way you think about things in your life.  Today it’s snowflakes – a reminder that God has created this universe to be capable of infinite variety.   I am becoming more and more ready to explore this world and the variety of life it in!

Sometimes you don’t have to read the whole book or crochet all the snowflakes in it to get the point!

PS:  Each picture is a link to the blog that I took the pictures from.  If you like crocheting, they might be fun to explore!  I will test them to see if they work!

Have a good day!


I’m almost finished “THE SHAWL”


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