When Life Disappoints…

I’m going to post a link to a blog that I follow and even read on occasion.  (I read it mostly when I’m on my game, which hasn’t been so often lately.


J. has been training, training, training for the New York Marathon.  Not only that, he’s consistently done what I wish I could do – get to a healthy weight, blog consistently about it and stay focused.  And now he’s disappointed.  I would be too, especially after all that running!

Often we prepare for events and situations in our lives, hoping and expecting one thing, and getting quite something else.  I’ve had that often, and it is not easy.

It makes me think of some of the current disappointments in my life.

This spring I thought I could help someone out during a tough patch in life.  Instead it became this long, silent war with occasional verbal skirmishes that erupted like volcanoes in my life.  The situation is thankfully coming to an end, but that end is uglier that I’d wanted it to be.  We both said things that were hurtful.  Probably true – but certainly I said them in anger and that is NOT HELPFUL.   Vomit is never pleasant, and neither is verbal spewing.  I guess, underlying all of it is a sadness and disappointment that it didn’t have a different outcome, because it could have been fun. Instead it ended up with hurt and angry words on both sides.

(Insert a gym workout and a detoxing bath here and we’ll continue)

So what to do when life disappoints? (And I’m sure I will have many more disappointments in my life).  Here’s what I’m thinking for now:

  • Look for what has changed because of the situation.  (For example, the kitchen counter is much less cluttered and I’m much more aware of how irate I get when people expect me not to do something it seems to be okay for them to do.)
  • Remember the things that were fun – I think there was a movie, shopping at Value Village (well I enjoyed it anyways) and a bit of knitting.
  • Take it as a learning curve and make the positive changes that are needed.

Biggest reminder of all:

My dear brothers, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, James 1:19

and another gentle reminder that in spite of my failures and shortcomings, that God’s grace is bigger than this.

I think I’ve morphed in the process of this blog from talking about life’s disappointments to the disappointment I feel in myself for losing it so badly yesterday.  I hope this process is helpful to anyone who is disappointed in the events of life and the turns that life can so quickly take.

Have a good day.



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