Shoot for the Moon?

I love finding people’s artwork on-line, and this one is by John DeAmicis and clicking on his name will give you many beautiful moments!   However, there is more to this post than just adding some joy to your day!

I first saw this quote on someone’s tee shirt and I thought, “Wow!” and “That is so cool!”  But, now that I’ve fired the shot, made the leap of faith and all that…it’s not so very comfortable if you miss the moon – even though I know that I am not alone in this journey, and that Alida and Ponnie will remind me that my God owns the cattle on a thousand hills!

Here’s the story.  I’ve finished my ESL training and I’ve taught a month’s worth of classes.  Working 40 hours and teaching is not conducive to good teaching.  But working 40 hours is safe.  It’s guaranteed hours, paid benefits, pension matching…  It also hurts.  I stand 40 hours, move groceries with elbows and shoulders that are getting sorer and sorer, and people are getting tired of my food jokes!  Plus, I need to become a better, more experienced teacher.  So…

A few weeks ago there were two postings for positions with lesser hours.  The “moon” position had 28 guaranteed hours and the “star” position had no guaranteed hours!  I got the stars.  I can tell you that it isn’t so much fun flying past the moon.  The next star is very, very far away and suddenly, that quote wasn’t quite so cool anymore.  It was hard, hard, hard.  I felt like I was free-falling and I really like to have control.  But I did it – signed the paperwork to accept the position, trusting that God would work it out.  And He sent me back to the moon!  The next set of postings had a 24 hour position that I did apply for, and I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So how’s the view from the moon this morning?  I’ll be working with about half of my usual salary, paying for a bus pass, paying part of my benefits… but I should be able to cover my bills and eat.

I’m hoping my hours will consistently be in the evenings so that I can be more available to substitute-teach in the mornings and afternoons.  That would help me achieve my work goal.  I plan to use my commute time to learn Spanish.  Having more of my mornings free will allow me to spend a bit more time at the gym, instead of the rushed work-outs that I’ve fallen into.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be back to a more regular blogging schedule as well!

Maybe I’ll send missiles to the stars from my base on the moon!  In the meantime, your prayers and encouragement are welcome!






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4 responses to “Shoot for the Moon?

  1. Hedy

    So proud of you, Marcia! When i decided to go to school, I didn’t have a good job to give up, but 4 years of university is not cheap when you’re living on one salary. Going to university at the age of 44? To me that was a huge leap of faith, but I will never regret it – I love being a nurse!

    • Marcia Stehouwer

      Thanks Hedy! I’ve been hanging around the edge for far too long and I’m just glad I have been given the opportunity to jump to the moon!

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  3. Agnes

    Congratulations Marcia! I hope you will grow and thrive in this new work. I’m sure you will be a blessing to many! XO

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