It’s August!

And that means that I’ve got a fresh day-planner again!  I know most people start these in January, but I happened to find this one several years ago during the “back to school” sales and I’ve been using it ever since.  I did take some pictures, but for some reason my card reader is NOT co-operating.  So I did some looking on line:

My Red Day Planning Tool!

My picture had flowers and sunshine – and last years well worn copy, but you can’t have everything.  I’ve got my work schedule for the next few weeks, notes about what I’d like to accomplish in terms of finances and health.  I’m still in debt and I’m still overweight.

What really excites me though, is this notebook from Hilroy, which I chanced on at Staples last week!

Five subjects – and the tabs match my colourful parachute!

I was really excited by this, and of course I bought one on the spot.  It’s just a bit bigger than my planner, it’s also read and best of all – the tabs match my colours.
I could, and probably should share with you all the plans and hopes I have for the coming year.  I should also tell you where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing – snuggling my grandbaby, teaching ESL and struggling to work well at two jobs.

But – I’m back to one consistent job and applying for something new.  It is time to TRUST, and even though I keep saying that, I’m doing a lousy job of doing it!

Have a good day.  I’m off to find a geocache and get to work!



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