Especially for Tracy and Dayle

From Pinterest to my blog,  but here’s the original website.  This is for Dayle and Tracy because they work so hard that they need a good soak once in a while.  And Dayle, perhaps you can use this with your pedicures.  It certainly is making my feet feel nice while I’m soaking them!

My version is pretty much the same as the picture.  But when I got to buying my sea salt, Himalayan Rock salt was a little cheaper, so I bought that.  I also mixed in a little bit of rose scented salt that I got at Community Natural Foods here in Calgary. It’s nice.

Right now I’ve added a little bit to a foot soak, and it feels very good.  So I can recommend that if you are going to be spending some time at the computer, soak your feet too!

Here are some other places to read up on detox bath salts.  You’ll notice that the recipes are kind of the same, so feel free to play.

Himalayan Bath Salts

These are just beginnings – type “detox bath salt recipes” into  your search engine and you’ll find more.

Happy reading and happy soaking!






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