Sweet Peas!

Wp sweetpea closeup small

Wp sweetpea closeup small (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today was a recipe for getting into the dirt!  First of all it is nice and sunny in Calgary.  Secondly I had bought my seeds and they were soaking in the fridge.  They needed to be planted!  Thirdly I have the morning off, so some time to spend soaking in both the sunshine and a LUSH bathbomb.

True to my crazy nature, I enjoyed the bathbomb first.  Then, once I was clean and dressed, I went into the garden and started digging, moving soil and planting seeds – way too many of them – but that’s okay.  I liked being generous.

I will post some pictures – later, but I just wanted to say that I am getting my green thumb back this spring and I am so happy about that.

The back garden patch literally “went to the dogs” last year, and there is no way that I want to grow foodstuffs in there.  But I do want to prevent the young lad that lives downstairs now from playing there for a while too.  So in go the flowers.  And it was so nice to do some turning over of the soil.  I saw lots of worms and that to me is a good sign.

Now I’m off to work.  Have a good day everyone and if you’re in Calgary, make sure you enjoy the sunshine!



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