Palm Sunday

The people of Palm Sunday remind me of myself – especially around Holy Days- Christmas, Easter, and the contemplations of Advent and Lent.  I start out with such enthusiasm and then….

  I found this picture and this blogger  I tried to turn the picture into the link but I don’t think that I succeeded.  Anyways, it is a beautiful blog and I’m going to enjoy following it I think – even if I don’t partake of everything that’s posted.

As I look back on the last bit of time, how many times have I picked up fronds of enthusiasm, only to cast them aside for old, familiar patterns of thought and action.  Especially when the new ideas don’t perform as I think they ought to?

I’m looking forward to attending a Palm Sunday service before I have to go to work this morning.  I am hoping that this Holy Week will have time for more reflection on what Jesus did for me during that week, and how I can fully rest and find comfort in His great sacrifice,

Again, “How great the father’s love for me, How vast beyond all measure.”

Enjoy your Sunday!




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2 responses to “Palm Sunday

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  2. So true! Thanks for the great article on that great love 🙂

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