A Matter of Perspective…

At the beginning of February, when I began this horrendous climb in weight, I was devastated by the numbers.  And yes, despite everything I say, it is still a bit of a numbers game.  I started on track in January, moving from 227 pounds to 223.  One week, one pound.  And then February happened and I lost something. At week six of this year, I weighed 228 pounds.  I was not happy, but the story wasn’t over!  I climbed from 223 to 232 (according to my TOPS scale on Thursday night).  I blogged about that at One Year, One Week, One Pound.  while I wasn’t happy about any of the weight gain, it still happened.  And it was the evenings that were killing me.

So I changed.  If I am consistently making lousy choices at night, and great choices in the morning ( and who will argue that my porridge isn’t a great decision?) why not switch it up?  So that’s what I’ve been doing since Thursday March 1, 2012.

Today, I went to the gym, determined to get back to my Monday weigh ins.  Because I’d been weighing in every morning ( not a great habit, I know) I knew I would have a bit of a loss.  This morning we are back where we were at week 6.

And guess what?  I’m just as happy to see 228 today as I was unhappy to see it in February.  You just have to keep plugging along.

February was a hard month to walk through.  In terms of weight loss it was a desert.  I wasn’t plodding forward, I was racing back.  It’s not the first time I’ve done that, and I don’t think it will be the last.  But I did learn from it.  And here’s what I think I learnt:

  • You just keep “staying the course” – doing what you know is right, like going to the gym, improving your eating habits, and tweeking as needed
  • The world will still turn if I eat breakfast at 8 pm.
  • Life is just as workable if I eat supper at 8 am.
  • When you hit the skids in this journey – re-evaluate.  Add what needs adding.  Take away what needs taking away.  Switch what needs switching.

Thanks for popping in and checking on my progress.  I do appreciate it very much!



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