“And she swung the door open wide.”

  That’s how the book closes, after Dottie has worked her way through almost a year of grieving for her daughter who died too young.

This is the fourth book that Jamie Langston Turner wrote, set in her fictional corner of South Carolina.  People from the earlier books are always popping in to visit, which I really like.  While their lives aren’t center stage, it’s nice to know what’s  happening to them.

Of course stories usually have good endings.  But it’s the process of getting to those good endings that are really true to life. And life also has good endings – sometimes we just have to wait much longer to see them.

I’d recommend this book for a few reasons.  First of all it IS a good story.  Life is not smooth sailing, and losing a child is a difficult event to process.  But God chooses to work through us wherever we are in our walk with Him and we can, by our responses, impact the lives of others.

But the last line of this books resonates with me.  I too can choose to let the door of my life swing open wide.  By doing so I invite life to become bigger than it is now. I choose to live and not to just plod along.  I invite people into my life.

There are so many people in this world who just need to have a friend.  I can be a friend to some of them.  And they can be my friends too.  Love it!

These stories also remind me of the power of a small thing.  A friend recommends a book.  You read the book.  Your life is not quite what it was – just because of a small thing.

***This book is not in print anymore, but you can get copies or some of Turner’s books at the Calgary Public Library.  I hope you get a chance to read and enjoy them!


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