Where does all the money go?

Today was payday, and of course all my bills are now paid up and I’ve got a little bit for groceries.  Actually, compared to some others in Calgary I’ve got a lot. It just amazes me how fast it all goes!

So here’s a bit of a breakdown.

$200 a paycheque goes to paying down the debt.  Praise God, there’s only one left and thanks to the debt snowball, it’s being brought down nicely.  If all goes according to plan we should be done with that in 21 paychecks.  I do want to have this paid for before my cruise!

$550 a paycheque  goes to short term savings.  That includes half of my rent and money for next week’s groceries.  This is probably my best money strategy.  Unless there is some major emergency in my life, I am rarely broke.

I have three savings accounts that get fed $20 each as well.  These are the Christmas fund, the vacation fund and the Long Term Fund.  I’m not exactly sure what that is for just now – just recently it paid my course tuition. Maybe it will go towards grandbaby needs.

My biggest challenge this week is to save on groceries while increasing the purity levels of the foods I eat – made from scratch with as much organic food as possible.  Here’s a blog post from Get Rich Slowly that I’m going to be following.  I also intend to check out this vendor at the Kingsland Farmers Market.  Probably next weekend, when I’m off!  Looking forward to that!

This isn’t a “detailed, itemized” spending report.  It’s probably a way for me to focus on the realities of my own finances in the hope that it helps someone else!

Have a great day!



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