Create in me a clean heart…

I’ve got a few books on the go just now, although I should be working on my course…

But one way or another, all are serving to make me rethink my life and how I live it.    They are making me rethink myself and how I really am. And why it is that I really want to teach English as a Second Language and see other parts of the world.

The other day I posted about sharing smiles.  Then I did it.  I posted my little sign at work, and five of them are missing.  Which means that 5 people smiled that might not have smiled.  And they may be carrying that smile around in their pocket.  It’s a small change.

But this morning, when I read a few chapters of God in a Brothel, I was deeply saddened by the reality that this goes on all over the world.  Even in my city of Calgary, young children are used, sold, abused… I want to deny this.  Yet, now that I think on it more, I know people who have experienced this violation as children and teens,  and are continuing to pay the price.   As I continue to read, I realize that while smiles may be a beginning, they are not enough.

Jamie Langston Turner’s books have been with me for a while.  Suncatchers is the first one.  By the Light of A Thousand Stars is actually the third in the series.  Most of  Turner’s books are set in an area of South Carolina, I think, but one lady shows up in all of them, Eldeen, and she makes me smile and think about my own life.  These books have been read, re-read and re-read again.  Probably the only adult fiction that has grabbed hold of me – enough that I actually own them.  What they remind me of most of all, is that God can use the small actions of one person to make a change in another person’s life.

Earlier this year, I posted about PURITY as the word I wanted to focus on this year.  That idea came in part from this book, that I’ve just gotten from the library.  It will probably become part of my library as well, but not just yet!  However, it reminds me that just as one person can change the life of another person, so focusing on one word can change my life.


I’m not done reading.  I’m not done thinking and pondering.  I’m not done changing.  But today, I am grateful that I can not only read these books, but I can be changed by them.

Have a blessed Sabbath.



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One response to “Create in me a clean heart…

  1. Alida Van Polanen

    God will not let anything go to waste. Your smile makes God smile, your sorrow makes Him weep.
    “Jesus wept.” is not about Jesus feeling the loss of Lazarus (Lazarus was where Jesus was going), but about the consequences of this sin-sick world.
    Giving yourself over to the sovereignty of God makes your life worthwhile (as God intended it to be). It also helps to obey that small still voice.

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