Year 2, Week 1: Success

  As you can see, my paper is quite filled up by my attendance at the gym.  Not to fear, however.  I’ve started a new one – one that’s a little more organized.

Showing up for the things you say you are going to show up for is important if you want to get to where you are going.  It’s the beginning.

I’ve committed to showing up for Ni90 as well.  Then I signed up for the Canadian Living 6 Week Slimdown!  It should be finished in time for the Calgary Co-op Wellness Challenge. On top of all that, my last TESL course starts this week.  I think I’ll have to say NO to further commitments for a while – at least until April.

Most of my RED posts are heading over to the new blog.  But I will be posting a weekly update and perhaps a recipe or something.  So here, I hope is a chart I made for last weeks efforts.  The olliebollen have taken their toll (more about that later this week) but I still was able to lose a pound.  That was the goal!  That is the goal.  Just one pound.

Hmm.  I thought I had it figured out.  Some blogs I follow have such nifty charts.  Since I can download pdf. files, I saved my chart as one.  It shows up as a link. Sorry.  I am trying.  That’s another goal for the year.  I wonder if it’s the format I’m using, or if I have to spend some money in order to make charts.

In the meantime, here’s my starting picture, taken the last day of the year in my “Olympic” teeshirt!

Let’s see how loose that shirt gets this year!

Have a great Monday.  I’m off to the library, bank and post office before I head to work!



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One response to “Year 2, Week 1: Success

  1. vaizg

    You’re getting me pumped up about exercising! 😀
    I might go for a run one of these days!
    Keep it up!
    Oh and, i think if you want the chart to show up you need to make it a picture .jpg / .tiff or something like that 🙂

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