Reaping and Sowing

I started a new blog this week, based on the final article in my gym book.  Here’s a link in case you’d like to follow it.  “One Year, One Week, One Pound”  It’s not a terribly exciting blog – more like the day to day recording of what I’ve sown and reaped on my journey to losing a pound a week in the next year.

During the past year I’ve sown some pretty good seeds on the exercise front.  I’ve been to the gym, gotten stronger, and more importantly – I’ve been consistent.  Every weekday that I was in town I was at the gym, moving some machinery!

When it comes to the things I eat, however, I’ve sown some weeds.  Because I’ve lost about 25 pounds this year, I know there are more good seeds (food).  The fact remains, however, that I could have planted better seeds than I did.

The new blog is a place to record the seeds I’m sowing on a daily basis en route to a healthier me.  But I have other seeds that need sowing as well.  I have other habits I’d like to cultivate – particularly the habit of order and diligence.  I’d like my life to increasingly reflect the garden above – interesting, diverse, but orderly!

I hope you’ll continue to journey along with me – it is so very encouraging when you do!

Have a wonderful day!



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