Staying on God’s Course

Today we celebrated Christmas.  Actually we’ve been celebrating as a church since the beginning of Advent, but it all leads up to today.

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to great music via the Internet.  Thanks Portland for a great musical experience.   I’ve enjoyed a quietly creative morning.  Although my nieces and nephews had their ornaments in the mail, Emma’s was not done at all.  I had ideas and I knew that I wanted to use the left over “paper” from those ornaments.  But this morning – with no real reason to get up early except that ornamental tradition, I saw it in my head and managed to get it done in less than half an hour!  Here’s my Christmas angel!I

Paper Ornaments

II have have spent most of today busy getting ready for meals – brunch with my nneighbours and dinner with Emma and Eric.  Delightful events both of them and I am grateful that I have wonderful people to celebrate with!

But when I came home and checked my blog I noticed that someone had found my blog by using the search words “Staying God’s Course”  and that has given my pause to think.

How has my celebration of this special day helped me stay on the course God has set for me.  How do I plan on staying on His course?

Something to think about!

And that’s what I’m going to do.  But before I go, here’s the rest of the links to the story!  There are only  two episodes left, and I hope you enjoyed them!

The Cinnamon Bear, episode #25: “Captain Tintop”
[Originally broadcast 23 December 1937 — 2.87mb, 12:30]
Captain Tintop tells how they defeated the Wintergreen Witch and then the group goes to a grand banquet hosted by Santa Claus. After the banquet, Crazy Quilt runs off with the Silver Star once again.

The Cinnamon Bear, episode #26: “North Pole”
[Originally broadcast 24 December 1937 — 2.78mb, 12:09]
Crazy Quilt heads for the North Pole with Santa Claus, Judy, Jimmy, and Nicki Froodle in pursuit. They catch Crazy Quilt and tackle him to recover the Silver Star. Then they wake up in the attic just in time to decorate the Christmas Tree.



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