Looking Forward, Looking Back!

I’m trying (as usual) to build some continuity into life and into this blog.  Because I’m an “off the cuff” kind of person, this  will require some discipline on my part.  However, I’ve come up with kind of a plan – subject to change of course, but I’m hoping to make it stick.  After all, if I can do this gym thing, surely I can do this?

Thursdays will be Napoleon Hill Day, as I continue to read through his book at the gym.  I enjoy the practice of reading the same bit over and over, pondering it as I do my 10 minutes on the bike.  To make sure I get it done, I’m going to do it first thing at the gym, rather than later.  Sometimes us gym divas start talking and I run out of bike time at the end.  The book has survived, intact, although it’s added a few water marks (spilt water bottles in the gym bag will do that to you!)

This week’s chapter is about “frequent, critical self-analysis”  and it provides a model to compare yourself too.  So here’s how I stack up:
“A definite goal in life – with a plan and a deadline”

RED GOAL: (health) In 2012 I want to lose 52 in 52.  One pound per week.  I will walk two half marathons (May and July) and participate in the Co-op Whole Health Challenge.  I will focus on my eating plans more this year, now that the exercise part is in place.

YELLOW GOAL: (career) In April 2012, I will write my final exam for my CERTSL certificate in teaching English as a Second Language.  By the end of the year I want to be teaching.

GREEN GOAL: (finances)  By August 2012 I should have my debts cleared off.  I want to have all the cruise costs in the bank by the end of December (Ship and air).  I want to increase my annual income by $5000.

BLUE GOAL: (creativity) I have a book in my head that needs to get onto paper.  I have a workshop idea that needs to be born as well.  Begin the process.

WHITE GOAL: (Faith): I found a book by C. S. Lewis  called Reflections on the Psalms at the used book store (part of Monday’s adventure) Because I find myself starting too many books and never finishing them, I’ve decided to just read and enjoy C.S. Lewis – which will include the Narnia series.  And for the first part of 2012, I’m going to enjoy the Psalms.

The one flaw (at this time) is that they don’t really have dates attached to them.  This is after all a draft of my life and not the final copy!  I do plan to spend some time fleshing them out in the next week or two.

When life gives me lemons, do I make lemonade?  When things don’t go as planned and I fail to meet my goals, what happens?  This is important.  I didn’t meet my weight loss goal this year.  But can I turn that into the beginning of better success in 2012?  I can.  I’ve seen things at the gym that I can start doing.  I’ve learned from other bloggers.  The journey is NOT over, it’s still in progress.

Do I work with others to move forward?  We are not alone in our struggles to live a good balanced life.  TOPS, blogs, books, friends, red envelops all help us move forward and support us when we struggle.  I am grateful for all of you who read my blog – you have no idea how much it encourages me to keep going.

There’s more to the chapter, but this post is long enough.  Besides I have some marshmallows to make before I go to work!

Have a great day!


The Cinnamon Bear, episode #23: “The Bad Dolls”
[Originally broadcast 21 December 1937 — 2.90mb, 12:39]
The Bad Dolls have stolen the Silver Star. Santa orders out the Tin Soldiers to capture the Bad Dolls and return the Silver Star.




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  1. Those are awesome health goals. Best wishes to you.

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