Just a Small, Small Change

Being a Blue (and gluey) post about Creativity! and probably a long one too!

Yesterday was spent at home (after my hefty session at the gym)  doing many of the things that should have been in the mail last week already.  Some made it onto the truck this morning.  Others will go tomorrow!  I’ll drop them off on my way to the gym!

Every year, for I don’t know how many years, I’ve been making ornaments for my neices and nephews.  Some always get a heart.  Others always (if I remember it correctly) get a sheep, or a star – and my youngest neice gets a tree – and she’s the only one who does!

For example, here’s a wiki I started a few years ago on how to make a button ornament  Someone’s edited the pictures but, here are the originals:

  The sheep were the cutest – the first one used all white and beige buttons and cinnamon sticks for legs.  The others used pastel coloured buttons and were much cuter. I think the boys got the whiter ones and the girls got the pastel sheep that year!  Which brings me to the point of this post.  It doesn’t take much to change the something looks, and to change it for the better.

Now when I began this years ornaments – about a month ago – I had in mind “white on white” with some woven paper in between to make the heart, sheep…. I needed some yellows, some reds, some greens and of course some whites.  Most were found in the sale bin at Paper Passtimes which is just up the road from me!  What I couldn’t find was more whites for the sheep – and here is where it gets interesting.  I made my whites! – well actually black and whites.  I found a fairly bland picture of a flock of sheep and cut that into strips.  Then I downloaded a black and white floral background from Microsoft and used that as “colour” number three.  The weaving of all the colours when well – although using the flip side of the paper worked better for the sheep.  Man did those sheep ever cause me trouble.

Then I started putting them together.  The first hearts I cut out of the white paper. This is not easy with “kid friendly” scissors.  Because I wanted a more bumpy edge to the sheep, I perforated my drawing with a pushpin.

It’s hard to see the sheep that caused all the trouble, but you can get the idea from the star and the tree. It was a lot easier than wrestling with scissors –

You can also see that the “white on white” that I was thinking about has gone by the wayside.  Again the sheep’s fault.  It’s pretty hard to see a sheep on white paper.

The other thing to notice is the angle of the weave.  The hearts were first to be made and the lines run straight up and down.  This works for the heart but makes the sheep as boring as all get out!  I should have kept the “dud” but I wasn’t  thinking of this post at the time.  Tilting my paper slightly made all the difference.  And of course the green pasture!

This is the important point of all of the above:  Whatever you are doing in life – making ornaments, paying off debt, losing weight, finding a new career, finding yourself, seeking after God – there are some things you have to do:

  • mull it over – this can take time before, during, and after the process.
  • gather your stuff – books, supplies, gym memberships, pictures….( you may need more stuff as the project progresses – like running shoes)
  • START!!!! Sometimes that is the hardest thing, and yet once you begin, you can start playing and experimenting with your ideas.
  • If there’s an easier way to do something, try it – like the push pin perforations!
  • Look at things from different angles.  There’s more than one way to position your paper.
  • Be open to the reality that what you end  up with is going to be totally different from the picture you had in your head when you started.

In reality, life and creativity is something like the quest for the Silver Star – there’s always something that doesn’t quite work out and you have to find a way to make it work.

My goodness, it’s much later than I thought.  Here’s the link to the next episode.  I’m going to bed!

The Cinnamon Bear, episode #22: “Santa Claus”
[Originally broadcast 20 December 1937 — 2.78mb, 12:08]
Santa Claus welcomes Judy and Jimmy and introduces them to Jack Frost who repairs the Silver Star only to have it vanish again.

Rest well everyone!



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