Two Days of Christmas Fun!

Yesterday I discovered the meaning of “Shop until You Drop!”  I left the house after a pathetic workout and worked out, dragging my loaded and ever heavier carts and bags around town!

The first stage was the groceries – lesson learned:  Stick to the store you know – although I enjoyed the opportunity of wishing old friends a joyful Christmas time.  It still took me forever to get my list covered.  It was the biggest grocery shop of the year – but I got to use $25 of coupons, and all my gift cards are now empty!

Enroute to the C-train, I stopped at the pet shop to check out coal for the puppies.  But, given the circumstances, even this lovely bag of coal is too much.  The other pets were more fortunate – hedgehog snacks and a millet holder for the bird.  Back to the house to put the turkey in the freezer, have a quick bite, and a mad dash to catch the #3 Sandstone.  This is a great bus route – taking you past some pretty cool shopping areas – but I stopped at Brittania – just like I said I would.  What fun I had!

At The Owl’s Nest Books and Gifts I found some pretty neat books, including one that had been translated from the Dutch.  More about that after I’ve read it!  I also hit up the hardware store where I found my long sought after dish brush – affectionately known as “The Quast” pronounced  /kwast/.  Hard to believe someone can get so excited about something so small – but I grew up using these, and it was desperately needed in my kitchen.

So why am I telling you all this?  Because these small businesses – and others like them do something the big stores don’t – they carry the odd stuff.  If you want something different, or unique or special – it’s not likely to be at Sears, Walmart or an other of those big stores with the “low, low prices!”  These small stores help maintain the “bio-diversity of stuff ” that keeps life interesting.

In Woodstock, Ontario I bought some very cool cards – don’t know if I wrote about that.  While the cards were VERY COOL, the sign in the window was even more profound:  “If  you really want to support the 99%, shop in their businesses!”

Yesterday I did both.  Today I was busy,  busy, busy doing other stuff.  More about that tomorrow!  I’ll have pictures and thoughts on the creative process.  Now I have to check my soup and finish writing Christmas cards.

Have a great day!


the Cinnamon Bear, episode #21: “Snowman”
[Originally broadcast 19 December 1937 — 2.74mb, 11:59]
The mysterious note invites the crew inside where they find chairs just the right size for all of them. The Flying Hat carries them to the Land of Ice and Snow to get the Silver Star fixed. They ask the Snowman how to find Nicki Froodle, as Queen Melissa told them. Nicki turns out to be an Elf, and he takes them to see Santa Claus.


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