Things That Made Me Smile!

I think I will try to post things on Sunday that make me  smile –

Here’s one.  Go to Google and search for “Let it Snow” Sit back and enjoy the show!  Actually I’ve made it even easier!  Just click the link – although I’m not sure how long the show will last!

Another thing that makes me smile is the Tips for Keeping Warm but I’ve already blogged about that!

And of course messages from my daughter that refer to me as a “beautiful mother”

Singing carols at the Haysboro Community Centre!

People laughing at my jokes!

I didn’t really pay much attention to all the things that made me smile this week, but I hope that I’ll have more next Sunday!

In the meantime, here’s the next installment in the story.  I’m going to hunker down and do some planning – big shopping day tomorrow!

The Cinnamon Bear, episode #19: “Wooden Indian”
[Originally broadcast 17 December 1937 — 2.82mb, 12:19]
Judy and Jimmy are being chased by Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, a wooden Indian who wants Crazy Quilt’s pelt for his girlfriend Many Happy Returns. Judy trades her looking glass to him instead. After he leaves, they encounter the Wintergreen Witch again in the Golden Grove.

What makes you smile these days?




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