Gift Cards and the Emergency Fund

(A Financial Friday kind of post)

‘Tis the season to give and recieve gift cards.  From a corporate perspective this makes a lot of sense. Rather than buying “stuff” that may not be necessary, your employees can use the card to get the things they need or want. 

My Gift Card Collection

My Gift Card Collection

And I don’t think these are it for the year.  But it doesn’t matter.  They are money that I can spend that I didn’t earn.

The SportChek card will go towards a new pair of running shoes, as I sign up for another year at the gym.  The extra $50 will help me buy a better quality shoe or take part in their 50% off deal (Check your flyers!)

The Calgary Co-op cards will, however,  be spent on food.  Originally I had intended to keep them at home but the “what if’s” started running through my head:

  • What if they melted in a fire?
  • What if they expired?
  • What if I lost them?
  • What if I forgot they were there?

You get the picture. Silly worries, but they led me to a different solution.  Yesterday I transferred the value of the Co-op cards to my ING account.  That’s where my emergency/cruise money is sitting.

On Monday morning I’m going to shop until I drop.  I’m thinking that my groceries will come to about $100 with the turkey.  We’ll check that out next week!  In addition to my gift cards I have some coupons which should save me about $20.

So here’s the main idea:  What if you took the cash value of your new gift cards and coupons and transferred it to your emergency fund, or your cruise fund, or whatever other project you have on tap?  If you’re having trouble building the fund, this may be a part of the solution.  People who are giving you these cards can be giving  you an emergency fund instead.  How nice of them!

I hope this  is as helpful to you as it is to me.  Except in my case, they’re giving me part of my cruise!

In the meantime, here’s the next adventure in the continuing saga of the silver star!  “Muddlers”
[Originally broadcast 15 December 1937 — 2.83mb, 12:22]
Judy and Jimmy use their one wish, given by the Wishing Well, to get rescue Cinnamon Bear, and now they can’t fix their Silver Star with the Wishing Well’s magic. While trying to get out of the Wishing Woods, they encounter the Muddlers and the River of Mud.

Have a great day!


PS: TOPS weigh-in and I was down a pound.  Now I’m focusing on the next one! Had a good work-out at the gym!

PPS:  This post was inspired by Get Rich Slowly’s posting earlier this week.


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