‘Tis the Season to be…

Shovelling snow, sending Christmas cards, attending parties, cleaning house, decorating trees….In short it’s the season to be


And busy I’ve been.  Just today we’ve needed to clear the snow three times, and it’s still coming down!  Fortunately I’ve only had to do it once, but my turn will come again tomorrow.

Then there was church – which at Advent is a great place to reflect on the long term effects of Christmas.  Alas, I caught myself making a to-do list for next year and planning just how I was going to organize my yarn stash.

Next on the agenda was a ladies lunch.   It was delightful to meet some of the women that attend the church I attend in the neighbourhood.  I was blessed by the generosity and the opportunity to connect.  It’s not always easy to connect with  people when you kind of “pop” in every third week or so!

I got home just in time to make coffee for my friend Danielle, who needed advice on slippers.  And other things too.  It was so good to re-connect and to re-affirm our friendship again.  (And in case you need another knitting pattern, here’s the one we’re working on – Grammy Slippers

I’ve been looking for a pattern for these for a long time, and thanks to Danielle, I have a good one!  But the actual knitting of them is a little bit of a learning curve – not much if you use a single colour cast on, though.

Anyways, after knitting and talking and eating we were off again – she to an important phone call and me to the annual Christmas Choir service at St. Gerard’s Church near my home.  Every year the choirs of the neighbourhood churches gather to sing and share.  It is wonderful.  Especially when we’re all singing and the choirs are behind you singing descants.  It’s wonderful and I’m so glad it is part of my Christmas.

Now it’s time to rest.  Because tomorrow has its own busyness – starting with an appointment at 7 am.!

So…because I just might be too busy tomorrow I’m going to break the “rule” and post two episodes.

Have a good week, and try not to get too busy!


“Rhyming Rabbit”

“The Wintergreen Witch”


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