Eat, Drink and Go Broke?

Is that the tune we are singing this Christmas?  It certainly feels like that to me all of a sudden.  This month I am blessed with three paychecks and it is so easy to just start spending.

Yesterday I began my “eating challenge”.  We had our annual TOPS dinner out and I enjoyed my Philli-cheese steak sandwich in honour of my friend Ponnie.  Tonight is our staff party at the Blackfoot Inn and they put on a spread!  Tomorrow Emma has her first annual Christmas do – it should be fun.  I’m making my Tightwad Gazette Caramel Corn.  Sunday has lunch with some ladies from church (more new friends!).

Fortunately the drinking part isn’t a big issue – although I’m thinking a bottle of sherry will be nice under my tree!  But going out usually involves a glass of wine or an Irish Coffee and those aren’t cheap either.

It’s the little things that add up – like the dinner out, a cab to the party unless I can get a ride, snackie thingies from the deli… And then there’s the $13 shipping charge on a pattern I had to buy because the puppies chewed up a bit of what was about 25 years from becoming a family heirloom!

At the end of it all, Christmas isn’t about any of the above.  God must weep over the mess we’ve made of Christmas and celebrating His Great and Wonderful Gift to us.  We’ve traded comfort and joy, peace and good will, for stress, envy and frustration.

I’ve been blessed with the “extra” paycheck in December.  I’m going to enjoy supporting my local businesses in the next few days – especially the coal store – naughty puppies!  But…I’m going to remember that Christmas is bigger and better than all that – and that is what really matters!

Enjoy the next episode, and enjoy your day.


The Cinnamon Bear, episode #10: “Professor Whiz”
[Originally broadcast 08 December 1937 — 2.79mb, 12:10]
Paddy O’Cinnamon, the Cinnamon Bear has disappeared. Judy and Jimmy are chasing Crazy Quilt Dragon to get their Silver Star. Professor Whiz tells them about the Wintergreen Witch. They follow Crazy Quilt into the Picture Forest, where they meet Fraidy Cat.


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One response to “Eat, Drink and Go Broke?

  1. Agnes Angulo

    Thanks for that Marcia. Good perspective on the Christmas time.

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