Eggnog Time!

I just took a swallow of my eggnog – uncut – and I remember why it is that I don’t drink the stuff at my house.  But once the tree is up at my house it’s eggnog time.  We buy a large container to drink while tree trimming (this year 3 people were enjoying that!) and thereafter a 1 litre size for my morning coffee.

My favourite brand is Dairyland, which I can buy at the Co-op! Here’s an informative link that will give you someone else’s opinion – but I’m a “Light” drinker and it is sweet!

There was a time in my life when I didn’t drink eggnog, but that changed many years ago when I came very close to spending an arm and a leg on eggnog flavoured coffee beans. I’ve come to learn that even diluted with coffee, it’s too much flavour.  Now I a 1:1 ratio of the nog and my skim milk, nicely frothed.

Chapter 50 of my Year of Growing Rich (Napoleon Hill) talks about “Not too Little, Not Too Much” and that about sums up my enjoyment of eggnog in December!

Here’s the next installment in the Adventures of Cinnamon Bear.

The Cinnamon Bear, episode #9: “Roly-Poly Policeman”
[Originally broadcast 07 December 1937 — 2.83mb, 12:21]
Judy and Jimmy are on the Magic Island, where the Roly-Poly Policeman has taken their Silver Star for his uniform. But before the kids can get to him, Crazy Quilt Dragon runs off with the Silver Star again! This entire blurb was “control C and V’d” from Get Rich Slowly.

By the by – my goal is still to have my second number be a 1.  I’m 3.5 pounds away from that on the gym scale. I’ll be eating out tonight and tomorrow night, with another Christmas party on Saturday.  It will be hard work.  Keeping you posted keeps me on task!

Have a great day!



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