Quick Update!

Keeping abreast of the Adventures of Cinnamon Bear is certainly making me think about blogging!  Here quickly is the new adventure “Presto the Magician” but I haven’t found the time to listen for a few days – so don’t spoil it for me!  I like the idea of a little bit each day!

On the gym front – I slept in, so a short workout on the elliptical was all I managed.  But…I did manage it!

On the cruise front – I got my years wrong!  It’s not due until December of 2012.  How funny is that?  They said I could pay in increments but…I’m just going to pay it to myself and pay them later!  I’m collecting change to pay for spending money and bike rentals!

Tonight I’m also going to a knitting group!  That’s what you get for admiring someone’s funky hat while they are buying deli meat!  We chatted and it turns out there’s a group that meets within walking distance of work.

Speaking of work, I better get there!

Have a great day.  Stay the course – even if the results aren’t what you want them to be!  Have fun! And enjoy the story!



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