Monday, Monday…

Monday mornings are crazy busy these days.  My volunteer work used to start at 9 o’clock, but now it starts at 8:15.  It’s a mad dash to the gym, shower, breakfast, make lunch…and usually I get there a lot later than I had intended.

Today was the same – rush, rush, rush, and I don’t enjoy my workout time.  I also, in all the rush, forgot to take my Ipod with me.  Not fun at all.  The music at the gym is my biggest pet peeve – along with dusty treadmills.

The highlight of the morning was enjoying the lights on my Christmas tree.  Thanks to my brother for cutting such a nice one (actually he went above and beyond, bringing one for Emma and Eric as well!)  Together with the puppies and some eggnog – we got the tree nicely decorated.  I love sitting in the dark with just the lights on!

I just downloaded some pictures of the tree, but I can’t seem to locate them.  Darn it all!  I guess you’ll just have  to imagine it until I figure out the glitch.

Here’s the next Cinnamon Bear episode, which I am going to enjoy.  Have a great evening!  “Samuel Seal”

(Oh yeah, I lost 1/2 a pound last week, but I’m still eating my veggies at breakfast!)

Have a great week, enjoy the eggnog (within reason) and take good care!




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