A Peaceful Day!

Yesterday I walked from work to the C-train station in the midst of a tempest of blowing snow.  Thankfully it wasn’t a bitterly cold winter, although wearing both my work clothes and my walking clothes did help!

I came home to find my downstairs neighbour “dashing through the snowflakes” pushing them ahead of him with the shovel.  In the time it took me to shovel the walkways from the front door, he had not only cleared my sidewalks for me, but started on the driveway as well!

It is also the second Sunday in Advent – the time to prepare for Christmas and the second candle is known as the candle of PEACE.

I’m having a peaceful day.  Chicken with Lemon and Olives is in the oven, curtesy of a recipe I found in the November 2011 Canadian Living.  Since I’ve left my magazine at work, I was glad to find it on the internet as well.   Of course I modified it a bit, by doing it in the oven, but I’ll let you know how it worked out.  My slow-cooker is too small for this recipe.

My brother brought over our Christmas tree which makes me happy!  Emma and Eric will be over later, and we’ll put up the tree.  Oh no!  I don’t have eggnog.  This is NOT good.  And I’ll have to get some decaf coffee too!

I think my peaceful day has hit a small snag – unless of course I call and see if they can bring some.  In the meantime here’s the next episode in the story!

“Weasley the Wailing Whale”  I hope you are enjoying it!

Have a wonderful and peaceful day, wherever you are!



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