The Advent-ure Continues!

“Crazy Quilt Dragon”   It’s kind of fun to listen to something new every morning – or evening!

Once again, I’ve been to the gym, enjoyed my coffee, and now it’s time to have a quick visit with my blog and whoever enjoys reading it!

Yesterday at TOPS we started our “Day One”.  This is available to members on the website  Of course we could have waited until January, but why delay?  I have to confess that I was rather blunt in the last 5 minutes of our meeting.  Obesity is a life or death situation.  We need to deal with it.

I also challenged our chapter to “lose 52 in 52” next year.  This is NOT a difficult goal – but it is one that I have not been able to achieve – yet.  And this is my last year to achieve it.  This year I’m on track to lose about 30 pounds.  Not my initial goal, but way more than I’ve lost in previous years!  If I lose that same amount next year – well I’ve only got 40 pounds left to achieve the final goal.  So…if I’m ever going to get it done, next year is the year to do it.

Advent is a time of preparation – preparing for Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth.  For me it has also become a time of preparation for the year ahead.  The focus is going to shift from health to career.   There will be more about that as the month progresses. 

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this time of preparation!

Have a great day!



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