Changing it up…again!

Good morning everyone,

In Calgary it is snowing and I am glad I have my boots to wear as I walk to work.  They are talking of 10 cm. and I’ve already shoveled my walk once today!

Yesterday I made my first foray into the mall for a Christmas gift and found a lovely agenda.  I think that’s a pretty useful gift – and if it’s not needed, it can be easily re-gifted.  But, I hope it will be used and enjoyed!

But, because I made this after work excursion (the mall was not busy) I got home kind of late and I didn’t feel like cooking.  I had bananas instead – one with peanut butter and one without!  I didn’t eat protein and I didn’t get a second dose of vegetables.  This is NOT good.

This morning, after a mediocre workout at the gym, I decided to go back to an old idea – vegetables and protein in the morning.  I have a great vegetable soup for lunch, home-made muffins and a cut up grapefruit for breaks, and a slice of my delicious kamut bread to enjoy with the soup.

I’m going to try this for a week – mainly because I have lots of fish in the freezer and because I gained last week.  I’m sure it’s because I’m not eating enough veggies. Well, I’m off to enjoy my new breakfast.  Then I’m off to enjoy a walk in the ever-deepening snow with my new boots!

Have a wonderful day!


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